The Elect 21, Matters of Death: part 1 of 4

Emily slept in Amina’s room since Amina’s roommate had disappeared.  Both imagined she was a dorm room 2among the unaccounted dead from first semester.  Even so, Emily was surprised Amina could work it out with housing.  Emily was grateful, but she had to ask how Amina managed it.

“Simple,” Amina explained.  “I offered to find them the body and they declined.”



ac emily 7The Elect, Freshman Year chapter/episode 21 begins with a reminder of where this story began.  Emily and her friends started finding dead bodies all over the campus.  Even Latasha in the local high school was not spared from adding to the body count.  Detective Lisa asked for their help to track down the reason.  They discovered someone was trying to build super soldiers.

They stopped one professor in his Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde ac latasha 9experiments.  They ended the experiments of a second professor who was bringing the dead back to life like so may Frankenstein monsters.  They confronted the witch who initially supplied the spark of life that made the zombies possible… but the lab remains out there, the zombies are still walking, and most of the group have ended up in the hospital for one reason or another.

ac lisa 2Maybe the focus of their attention and the sharing of information from their hospital stays can help.  Maybe there is an additional complication that provides the key.   Maybe… but see for yourself.

If you want to read the story from the beginning, you are welcome to click on the archives button on the blog and begin in November of 2015.  This chapter will post today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and I do urge you to at least read the whole chapter… In any case, Happy Reading

a happy read 7

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