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January 2021.  M G Kizzia:

I write. You read. See what a happy relationship that can be?

Presently, I am publishing stories and whole books here on my website-blog. The posts go up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8 AM EST. (Rarely on Thursday as well).

Generally, I keep the posts under 2000 words so you can read a bit for breakfast. A few minutes of reading. I also try to follow the natural breaks in the writing so you can read a whole episode or chapter in a week (or 2).

The largest story I have planned for the future will take 18 weeks to complete, but there will be chapters. The shortest will take 6 weeks. Episodes in the Avalon series are never more than 2 weeks. Just keep in mind, plans are subject to change.

Not everyone likes science fiction and fantasy, but that is okay.  Many people do, and that is where I live this days; with a Narnia-esque mindset.

Some insist my work is young adult, or middle-grade. I don’t mind the dig by the few who consider it a dig. I understand that Harry Potter and A Wrinkle in Time are considered middle-grade books.  C. S. Lewis, H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, R. L. Stevenson, J. R. R. Tolkien, and many others might also be considered young adult or middle-grade books. I call that good company:

No matter what it is called, I appreciate you taking the time to read, and only hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I make stuff up.  You get a free story.



The Avalon books, seasons 1-6 and pilot episode are available at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Apple, Kobo, or wherever E-books are sold. And don’t forget the prequel, Invasion of Memories.  You can even get paperback copies from Amazon, if you are so inclined.  The actual books about the Kairos are taking a bit longer, but they will go up soon.

Please consider buying the books to help out this author. And please remember, reviews matter.  Thanks, and Happy Reading.







5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Sir I have read a few of your comments on other blogs and appreciate very much your Godly and life wisdom , I hope to read more of what you have written in the near future but I did have one concern and that is why would God tell us to be perfect and I don’t mean as understood in a wordly way but perfect in Love and this is also confirmed in many other Scriptures, if it is impossiable, sorry it just does not add up.

    Thanking you for your time Christian Love Anne.

    • In Christ we have received the Holy Spirit who is working day and night in us to produce fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, peace… Perfect love in this broken world? Perhaps not, but that is the standard and that is the goal. On that day we will love as we are loved. In the meanwhile, we have grace. We confess our shortcomings and offenses in Jesus and God freely forgives our imperfections. But forgiveness is not the goal, perfection is, and in what time we have, long or short in this life, if we follow after Christ and depend on the Holy Spirit we can get closer to the goal than we might believe. God will bring us home.

      It is true that when God finds us and calls to us we are filled with sin, but it is also true that God loves us too much to leave us in that condition.

  2. Thank you Sir and I do agree we can achieve perfection in this life as the Scriptures clearly show and they also show they did so in the early Church including Paul. Although we choose to walk in the fruit of the Sprit it is by His empowering that we do so and it is God who conforms us into the image of His Son not us as you rightly shared.

    Thanks for your time Christian Love – Anne.

  3. I just discovered your blog today and spent a very enjoyable Sunday morning reading all 15 episodes of Christmas Journey and find myself anxious for more. I have to conclude that, at the ripe young age of 80, I am in fact apparently young adult. A rather pleasurable experience I might add. Thank you for your imagination and your gift of the written word.

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