Writing Secrets

Tip #1:  Tell a Story

Tip #2:  Finding Your Voice

Tip #3:  Something to Say

Tip #4:  Read

Tip #5:  Reflect

Tip #6:  Blogging or Writing?

Tip #7:  What is a Story?

Tip #8:  Deep Characters

Tip #9:  Deeper Characters

Tip #10:  Write What You Know, sort of…

Tip #11:  How to get to The End

Tip #12:  Finish & Polish, don’t rub it raw.

Tip #13: For the Love of Secondary Characters

One thought on “Writing Secrets

  1. Mr. Kizzia

    I was looking around WordPress today and found your site. I am a new author and also dabble in poetry. I will bookmark this site as a reference tool. Thank you for sharing this information and inspiration.

    S Scott Johnson
    Author of The Guide

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