One Writer’s Writing Secrets 4: Read

             OK.  So I am off Twain for a while and I have moved on to Dickens with some great heaping teaspoons of Madeleine L’Engle.  At the beginning of the summer I was determined that this summer I was going to do reading-lite (great taste, less filling), and so it was all Eric Flint (& co.) and Harry Turtledove. 

            Then I promptly devoured Susan Wise Bauer’s The History of the Ancient World – a text with which my naturally argumentative mind could find very little fault.  (So much for reading-lite). 

            Then before Twain, I began to peruse C. S. Lewis, wondering when Dawntreader, the third movie might come out, and I hit on rereading some Charles Williams.  Williams (if you don’t know) was the one that Lewis and Tolkien and Sayers and the other inklings (generally) believed was the best writer among them… and good luck finding his works!

            So, what are you reading???

Writing Tip 4:

If you want to write, and especially if you want to write well, read.  Some have said that this is the single most important thing a writer can do.  I would not go that far, but near enough, and I would add that the library is fine but it is better if you buy the books the same way you hope people will buy yours!  (For God’s sake, don’t steal them off the internet).  So, read, and read the stuff that you know darn well is the good stuff too if you want to write good stuff.  We are what we eat after all.

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