Elect II—15 Spiders and Webs, part 3 of 3

Latasha, Harmony and officer Dickenson spent the morning doing some hunting of their own.  Latasha cradled her axe the whole way as they tried to follow the trail back to the spider lair from Latasha’s house.  It petered out on the back streets by the University.

“Pavement is very difficult,” Harmony admitted, and the others agreed.

ac-dickenson-homeThey went to officer Dickenson’s lodgings.  He was broken up about his landlady, but there was nothing he could do.  When they found the house empty, apart from webbing everywhere, he called Mitzy back at the station.  The investigators had already been there and found nothing, and for the record they told the news reporters it was an ordinary break-in.  Dickenson had no doubt the investigators would catch up with him when he got back on duty.  He hoped the news reporters would leave him alone.  He asked Mitzy to continue to try and get in touch with detectives Schromer and Moussad and hung up.  He was not expected back on duty until evening.  He worked the graveyard shift, but he knew he would not sleep until this matter got settled.

Curiously, the big police officer felt much safer with this skinny high school girl around.  He was not entirely comfortable with this Harmony girl, but thus far she had been a help.  She was certainly a better hunter than he was.  She said the trail from the house should be fresher and it should lead them right back to the lair.  They would not have to try and follow it backwards.  He had not considered that.

“I would feel better if Fiona was here.  She is our hunter.”  Harmony spoke to Latasha and it appeared as if she was asking permission.  Latasha took a long look at officer Dickenson before she agreed.

“She will have to have a glamour to look human,” Latasha said, and the officer took one step back.

ac-harmony-4“I will tell her.”  Harmony pulled a small flute from some unknown pocket in her coat.  The tune was nothing to speak of, but at once, a shimmering of light appeared beside them.  Latasha barely had time to think it was a good thing they were in the back yard and mostly hidden by bushes before the light became a hole between there and somewhere else.  A half-dozen elves jumped out with their bows in hand, ready for action.

“I need Fiona, and she needs a glamour to appear human.”  Harmony spoke right away with her own glance at officer Dickenson’s amazed face.

The elves straightened up and the one who spoke might as well have saluted.  “Yes, mum.  I will fetch her.”  They went back into the hole and a moment later one came out looking like she was ready to go to a seventies disco to dance the night away.  As the hole or light snapped shut, Harmony helped Fiona shape her clothes into a more sensible soft T, Jeans, running shoes, and a plain winter coat.

“What are we hunting?” Fiona asked with a flip of her long blonde locks and a not entirely innocent look at officer Dickenson.

“You will have to excuse her,” Harmony apologized.  “Her last visit to earth was a few decades ago.”

ac-fiona-1Fiona looked at Harmony, clicked her tongue, made a face, and repeated her question.

“Spiders,” Latasha answered and used her hands to show the approximate size of the things.

“Spiders?”  Fiona asked with a look at Harmony.

“Not spiritual creatures,” Harmony answered.

“Not native to earth,” Officer Dickenson interjected.

“A mystery,” Fiona genuinely smiled and began to look around.  It took a moment before she started off.  The others followed and only stopped now and then when Fiona squatted down to check something close to the ground.

By three, even as Lisa sat down on her attic step, and Jessica assigned the Amazons their various tasks, Fiona brought them to the same warehouse Latasha and Dickenson had visited before.

“I guessed,” Officer Dickenson admitted.

Latasha just nodded her agreement.  “But this time we go in more carefully.”  The door was still unlocked.  Latasha opened it a mere crack and they listened.  They heard a voice, and it did not sound human.

“I was just getting ready to eat him.  Males can be very tasty.”

“Okay, but look.  We got a deal.”  Latasha recognized the voice of Carlos.

ab-spider-web-5“So you say,” the other voice responded, and Latasha heard enough.  Harmony and Fiona had their bows out and ready and Dickenson had his gun out when Latasha kicked the door wide open.  They saw the spider.  It looked enormous, being a good three feet from mouth to abdomen.  Given its bulk, though not quite as tall, it appeared to dwarf Carlos.  But it was Carlos who saw them and yelled.

“Get them!”

Some thirty or forty little ones began to run toward them.  Both people and elves froze for a second.  It took long enough to hear a shout come from a walkway above their heads.

“Get out!  Get out!”

They heard the gunfire before Latasha got the warehouse door closed.  She did not recognize the rapid fire sound, but officer Dickenson had heard an AK-47 before.  Latasha heard the voice of Bobby Thompson before.

Harmony got out her flute and in short order there were a dozen elves at their backs.  Arrows were notched and knives were ready to come to hand when they went back in.  The gunfire had ab-spider-8stopped.  Twenty-seven spiders littered the floor, but a dozen still needed killing, including the five that drained Bobby Thompson dry.  The big spider, the one Latasha now guessed was the mother, was not there.  Latasha and Jessica had killed the father, the tasty male.  She hoped the babies were now all dead, but there was no telling.  Some spiders produced huge egg sacks.

“Carlos is gone,” Latasha said out loud.

“The drug dealer?”  Officer Dickenson wanted to be sure.  She said yes even as one of the elf troop found the back door.


Next Monday brings us to a showdown.  Don’t miss the Elect II-16, Night Creatures.  Happy Reading


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