Avalon, Season Three Cover Reveal


The Travelers of Avalon cover some pretty wide ground, from 4500 BC to the present, and no telling where on earth they will end up from episode to episode.  The stories are written like a television show on paper.  There are 13 episodes per season, imitating Japanese or British seasons.  One or two episodes should be sufficient to get the gist of things and get the reader into the adventure.  But while season 4 is presently appearing on the web site, there are earlier season books available at your favorite e-book retailer, and seriously inexpensive.  You can easily find them under my author name M G Kizzia.  Look and see.

New Covers


If you want to know more about the travelers, and in particular, about the Kairos, I recommend beginning with the prequel, Invasion of Memories.  Personally, I am especially happy about the retro look of the cover.  I think it looks like a poster for an old episode of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits; or maybe a cover for one of those science fiction or fantasy magazines in the sixties, where you might expect to find stories by Robert Heinlein or Andre Norton, or the like.  Those are the kind of adventure stories you will find in Invasion of Memories.



While Avalon Season Four is being blogged on the mgkizzia.com website, Avalon Season Three is being reviewed and formatted to make the journey to Amazon and Smashwords (Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, etc.).  It will be a while yet before it goes up for the easily affordable price of $1.99.  Right now I am looking at covers.

Cover Reveal

Unlike some, I do try to choose images that relate to the contents.  The pilot episode is the Tower of Babel, where the journey begins.  Season One suggests the travelers have a long way to go to get back to the twenty-first century.  Season Two is the face of the bokarus (the green man), a spirit of the pristine wilderness that resents the intrusion of people from the future, and is not against trying to kill them off.  Season Three is the werewolf.


What do you think about the cover(s)?  You are welcome to leave a comment or send me a note at mgkizzia42@gmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the work, but in any case, whatever you read, Happy Reading.


Don’t miss Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday) for part 4 (5 and 6 of 6)  of Avalon, episode 4.6, The Rule of One.  See ya…

3 thoughts on “Avalon, Season Three Cover Reveal

      • Good, and/or a manwolf slinking through the open portion. Or the figure that is there a bit clearer. What do I know? I’m not an artist. The cover did not catch the eye like the others though.

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