Avalon: One Thing Forgotten

I forgot to mention this the last time I posted between episodes.  Avalon, Season Two is now available at your favorite e-book retailer.  The cover is a bokarus (“green man”), a spirit of nature that is not at all happy with modern travelers traipsing through its ancient, pristine wilderness.  This spirit appears to be able to follow the travelers from one time zone to the next, and it keeps coming up with inventive ways to kill the travelers, if it can.  Look for author M G Kizzia.  It is a measly $1.99.  Enjoy.




Avalon episode 4.5, The Arameans, brings the travelers to Ur of the Chaldeans.  The ghouls follow the travelers to town, but so does an alien blob-like creature that seems willing to eat about anything, animals, people, ghouls…

blob 1

Happy Reading.

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