The Elect 17, Attempts: part 1 of 4

Ashish stepped up to the counter and stared at the back wall.  The clerk began the transaction with two words.

“A dozen?”  He already had the box open.

“I should say a half-dozen only.  I’m trying to quit.”ac ashish 3

“Oh, no, Mister Mousad.  You’ll make the store go bankrupt,” the clerk joked.

Ashish frowned.  “Yes, well, my dentist is buying a new boat.  I don’t see any reason why I should finance it.”

ab donut boxThe clerk waited patiently.

“Better give me two jellies.  Lisa likes jellies.  And two plain.  They are good for dunking.”  Ashish shook his head.  “Give me a maple.  That looks good, but you know I sugar crash at two thirty every day like clockwork.”

“So you should come back at two o’clock for a half-dozen pick-me-up box,” the clerk suggested.

“I’m trying to quit … three glazed …”


The elect is being serialized over several months.  You are welcome to click on the archives button on the blog and go back to November 1015 and read the story from the beginning, or you can just read a couple of episodes to get the idea of what is going on.  Every episode or chapter is posted in a single week on Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thursday.  Please read the entire episode before you tell me about not following it… thank you.

Emily, a freshman at New Jersey State University in Trenton and Detective Lisa at two elect still looking for the lab that has sent out dead people like frankenstein monsters to terrorize the university.  They started in a contest to build super soldiers, and though that contest appears bust, the lab is still out there.  The zombies are not yet out of business.

Enjoy the story.  Events are about to turn (whatever that means),,, and Happy Reading.

a a hr calvin 1

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