The Elect 9, part 4 of 4: A Controlled Experiment

“I don’t think we can wait any longer,” Latasha said suddenly, and she grabbed Miriam’s hand and dragged her to the upstairs front window.  They turned off the upstairs hall light and she had the woman climb out on the porch roof with the intention of peeking over the side.  She thought they might count the zombies out front and maybe send a group of women off the porch roof to attack them from behind.  If they could eliminate the ones out front, the zombies out back would be all that remained.ab latasha house

Miriam grabbed Latasha before she stuck her head into the light.  The rooftop was in the dark and Miriam thought they might not have been seen, yet.  She pointed at the van across the street as Anna and another woman appeared at the upper window.  Miriam quickly got Anna’s attention.  She pointed again at the van across the street, then to herself and to Anna and to the side of the porch roof.  Anna nodded and sent the other woman back downstairs with some sort of instructions before she climbed out on to the roof to join them, the two pieces of her spear in her hands.

“I’m going,” Latasha whispered.  “So don’t say stay here or I’ll scream.”

Miriam smiled and pointed to Anna, Latasha and herself saying only “rear door, passenger side door and driver’s side door.”  It was going to take all three.  Latasha drew up her chin and whispered.


They inched to the far edge of the porch roof, jumped as far from the light as they could and a zombies 2rushed back into the dark as soon as they landed.  They got to the street, but stayed behind the bushes as Anna said, “Wait.”

It was a minute before three women jumped off the front of the roof to land behind the zombies.  They quickly killed two, but that caused the others to turn in their direction.  “Now,” they shouted, and the front door flew open.  Four women, including Libby came barreling out and shoved the zombies off the porch and to the ground.  It did not seriously hurt the monsters, but it gave the women some fighting room.

“Just hold it!”  The woman with the broken arm shouted behind her.  She and the one that had been so badly scratched held the front doorway to be sure none of the zombies got inside.  The china closet was being pushed against the back door by Latasha’s three big brothers, but they were complaining that they could not hold it where the women had taken turns one at a time holding it.

“Yes you can,” the woman with the broken arm encouraged them, and they did hold it, but barely.

As soon as the ruckus outside started, Anna said, “Now.”  The three from the shadows moved quickly as Miriam had pointed out that they might have sensors outside the van. a van at night

Anna tore open the back door.  One man turned with a gun in his hand, but Anna threw her spear blade.  It cut the man’s arm off.  The arm and gun fell to the floor before he did.  She took her stick end and bludgeoned the man at the console until he was unconscious.  Then she shut everything down, and the zombies, without a constant stream of instructions, began to wander aimlessly.

At the same time, Latasha and Miriam yanked open their doors which had no doubt been locked.  Miriam pulled out the driver and knocked him hard to the ground.  Latasha found no one in the passenger seat.

“Damn!”  She shouted and assumed Miriam guessed there might not be anyone there.  She slammed her ax into the seat, effectively carving it up before she turned and ran back to join the fight at the house.  She killed a zombie out front, and when the women split and ran down both sides to the back to finish the job, she killed one out back, too.  Then she felt better about herself, even though killing the zombies was not so hard once their instructions were cut off.

ac latasha 1“Open up,” she yelled at her brothers through the back door when it was over.

“No way,” her brothers were too frightened to back off, so Latasha shoved and all three boys fell back.  Unfortunately, the china closet also fell and it made a terrible mess.  Latasha did not care about that just then.  She stepped in, her axe over her shoulder and looked down on her three bewildered, big older brothers.  She spoke to them in a calm and quiet voice.  “I said, open up.”


Monday, chapter 10, Latasha’s house is just a distraction…the real attack is at the university library, not to say zombies are big on reading…

You can be big on reading…

a a happy reading 3


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