The Elect 5, Jekyll and Hyde: part 1 of 4


“Ms. Riley? Did I do something wrong?”

Ms. Riley laughed. “Not at all. Come on in. I wanted to see you after school because you have been doing a good job lately and I want to encourage you.” Latasha smiled, but Ms. Riley was not finished. “There is one thing, though. I understand you are trying out for the basketball team.”ac latashas class 1

“Yes ma’am. I’m five-seven, which isn’t too tall, but I can dribble better, shoot better and jump higher than Teryl Atkins, and he’s a six foot, thee inch senior on the boys team. I can dunk.”

“I am sure all that is true. You are a special, gifted girl, but I believe your gifts are meant for other things, aren’t they?” Ms Riley paused and watched Latasha lower her eyes as she thought about it. “Have you thought about what you might like to do after high school?”

Latasha brightened again. “I’m going to police school. I want to be a police officer and stop the bad guys.”

Ms. Riley nodded. “Many of us would like to stop the bad guys. That is a good goal, and I am sure if you keep up the good work in your studies, you will achieve that goal.”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you ma’am,” Latasha smiled again.

Boston 3b“Now, since you missed your bus, can I drive you home?”

“Oh, no need. Detective Lisa is picking me up.”

“Very good,” Ms Riley said and turned to put some papers in her briefcase. “I don’t know what all is required for police work. Maybe you should ask Detective Lisa about basketball.”

Latasha turned her eyes down again. Maybe she did need to think about that.


Thus far:

ac emily 5Emily, a freshman at New Jersey State University in Trenton and her friends have found several bodies drained of every ounce of liquid; as if freshman year is not hard and confusing enough.  Twice now, Emily has had to fight off young college men “juiced” with something that made them super strong, super fast, and mindless wrecking machines.  Detective Lisa and her medical people haveac lisa 4 connected the “juice” to the murders, but who is responsible and what is the motive?  Emily and Lisa both believe they will find the answer soon.

Meanwhile, Detective Lisa found a new body at the local high school, one mangled and cut to pieces, and it appears there is a second murderer on the loose.  The cut up murders as opposed to the suck-face murders, as Emily’s roommate, Jessica ac latasha 8calls them.  Fortunately, the detective has some eyes and ears at the high school, a freshman, Latasha, who is also an elect, though very young.  Latasha can keep a watch out for men in white lab coats who might want to kidnap a few high school girls in the same way Emily is watching the university, while Detective Lisa worries over the unreasonable number of missing persons in town…and Detective Mousad keeps them supplied with donuts.

Like all the chapters in this serialized novel, chapter 5, Jekyll and Hyde, is being posted today, T, W, and Th.  As always, if you want to wait for the end of the week or the weekend, you can click on all 4 posts under “recent posts” and read the chapter altogether.  If you are starting late, you can always click on the archives button and select November 2015.  That is where it all began, and subsequent chapters should be easy to find.  Happy reading.

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