The Elect 4, part 4 of 4: Gentlemen

Tuesday afternoon, Tom ran to fetch Emily. The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house was being torn apart. Several of the girls got out before Emily and the others arrived, but the rest of the girls remained prisoners, inside. Jessica got trapped in there, locked in with the others. Owen stayed outside, and Emily spied Carl and Terrence coming from a distance.

“What is it?” Emily asked.

“Anthony and Marcus. They got juiced, but somehow it made them more, I don’t know, male?”

“Monsters,” Owen said, and with a direct look at Emily, he added, “Maria might be in there, too.”aa agd house 4

Emily started toward the door, but one of the girls yelled at her. “Wait. You’ll just get taken. They can’t help themselves.”

Emily did not know what the girl meant until she tore open the door. The testosterone hit her in the face like a brick, and something more. An aroma wafted everywhere, one which Emily could only describe as hot, steamy sex. She felt a strong urge to run inside, grab the men, and throw them down on the first bed she could find. It did not feel good. She had to step back to get several mouthfuls of untainted air to clear her head. She just looked as she breathed. Anthony and Marcus stood stark naked and the girls that pressed around them stood in various degrees of torn clothing and nakedness. The men turned when Emily came to the door and she saw a certain part of their anatomy had become grotesquely big. It would surely kill the girls. She looked in the boy’s eyes. She found mindless morons, little more than disfigured bodies.

On her knees, on the floor, half dressed, Jessica cried. “I’m just a pledge.”

Emily looked again at the boys and used Jessica’s term. “It’s unnatural.” They smiled at her and encouraged her to come all the way inside. Emily took a deep breath of relatively fresh air and ran forward, her arms open, her face smiling. They smiled more deeply and opened their arms and aa agd lounge 2legs to receive her. At the last second, Emily slid to her back and lifted both feet with enough force to lift both men a few inches off the ground. She imagined it produced a feeling they would not soon forget. After that, she needed to run back outside.

She got out, hacking and coughing, but the two men failed to follow. “Damn,” she said. She had hoped the outside would dissipate whatever scent they gave off which gave them so much power over the girls. “Owen, Tom. You need to follow me and get every window in the house open. Turn on the air conditioning if you can.

Carl and Terrence came up then and Carl shouted, “Right,” to show he had heard.

Emily stepped up to the door again. She thought her way through the house, but decided she really had only one option. Meanwhile, several of the girls touched and caressed their wounded warriors exactly where she had wounded them and the men growled and grunted like pigs.

“Hey!” she shouted. The two men turned. This time their faces were anything but inviting. “You want me? I’m in here.” She grabbed a breath and raced to the kitchen. The small kitchen had a rectangular, solid wood table she could put between them. When they arrived, their members bouncing up and down like softball bats, they first thought to push the table back to crush her against the stove. Emily threw her feet against the stove and stiffened her arms so the table could aa agd table 1not be moved. The boys decided to go around the table to grab her. They went around opposite ends so she could not escape. They might not be entirely mindless, Emily thought.

She waited. When they were nearly on her, ginning and drooling, Emily flipped over the table, raced out the door, and slammed it shut. She put her back to it but it did not take long before they slammed against the door hard enough to almost knocked the door off its hinges.

Tom, Carl and Owen, all inside by then, threw open windows as instructed. A couple of girls began to come out of it even as a couple that stood too close outside got tempted to come back inside and see what felt so attractive.

Pierce came to the door and Emily risked a breath. She had taken two so far, but honestly, she did not know if she was making it worse by holding it in or not. “Pierce, Help me hold the door.” They almost had it open, but Pierce rammed into the door and his added strength got it closed again. Emily had her back to it.

“Get them out of here,” she yelled. Tom immediately threw his shirt around Jessica’s shoulders and escorted her out.

She continued to cry, “But I’m only a pledge.”

aa agd loungeWhen Tom came back, he grabbed Carl and they put their shoulders to the door with Pierce while he spoke to Emily. “You need to get out of here, the fog is still too thick.”

Emily looked at Pierce. She did not want to go. She leaned over to kiss him and reached her hand down to touch him.

“They’re escaping out the back door!” Pierce yelled at her. Emily snapped to attention and ran outside and around the house. Of course, the mindless men did no such thing. Emily took a deep breath and tried to clear her head.

By the time Marcus and Anthony thought to punch holes in the wall, the police had arrived. Only men got allowed to go in, but four on one managed. The juice began to wear off and things got back to normal, literally.

Emily ran back to the front in time to hear the all clear. She saw Terrence just standing there next to Bernie the campus cop. He clearly enjoyed the view as a few of the girls only then came out of their mental fog and realized they were naked.a trenton police 3

“You could have helped,” Emily yelled at Terrence.

“Not my job.” Terrence sneered at her.

“Your football players,” she said and then she jumped Pierce as he came out. She knocked him to the ground, landed on top of him and kissed him like one possessed. She would not have minded if they made love right then and there, even in front of all those people. Fortunately, he stayed a perfect gentleman the whole time.

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