The Elect 1: Head and Hands, part 1 of 4

Emily waited at the door for Karyn. She did not see any of the others, or many people in the dining hall that morning. She supposed it was early for a Saturday. She knew Maria went in search of Owen, and Jessica thought she might get an hour of Tom’s attention before he had to gather with the football team. Emily only ran into Karyn by accident. Karyn lived in the other freshman dorm, second floor, and a cafeteria 2normally ate in the other dining hall, but that hall was not open for breakfast on the weekends.

“You were saying? About your dream,” Karyn prompted.

“It was strange.” They began to walk back to Emily’s dorm. “Everyone but me kept finding bodies. Jessica found a couple. Maria found one.”

“Was I in your dream?”

“No, but Amina, a Moroccan girl I met once, just last night, found several bodies. I got frustrated. I wanted to find a body. It was like they were all passing the course and I was in danger of flunking out. You know what I mean?”

a dorm bodyKaryn nodded. “You’re right. It was a weird dream.”

Emily opened the door to her dorm.


Emily has learned that as an elect, she is an extraordinarily gifted woman. Detective Lisa, another elect, made that much clear, even if she did not explain exactly what it meant. Emily will have to figure it out on the go. Thus far, she and her friends at the university have found one body. The police know of three. There may well be more. Someone or something is draining coeds and leaving mummified husks of human beings behind.

The Elect, Freshman Year, is a serialized novel, to use the classic term, but neatly divided into “episodes” like a television show. It is jam packed and fast paced. The emphasis is on characters, intrigue and mystery. As a reader, all you really need to remember are the three elect, Emily, Detective Lisa, and the local girl, Latasha. Everyone else is either family (mom, dad, brother), friends, co-workers (detective, police officer, teacher) or antagonist of some sort. Oh, and then there is Heinrich…

The pilot episode got posted over the first two weeks in November 2015. If you missed it, you can click on the archives button. Select November 2015, and it will start you at the beginning of the series. After the beginning, each of the 22 episodes (chapters) are being posted weekly (M, T, W and Th) over 22 weeks. If you wait until Thursday (F, Sat, or Sun) in a given week, you will find all posts for that episode on the right side of the blog under “recent posts”. Some might want wait to click and read the whole episode at once. That is fine. Happy reading. I hope you enjoy reading the work as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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