Avalon 3.3: part 4 of 6, The Giant of Transvaak

The giant roared. He tossed boulders at the village from a distance. Most struck the dirt and rolled to a stop. A few cracked against the stone huts and a couple of walls collapsed. One went through the roof where, fortunately, no one was home. Katie and the Amazons ran up from the horse pen. The Amazons arrived with their bows at the ready. The local men with their spears looked lost until Andovar shouted.

“Get the village down on the beach,” Several men ran off to do that, but most of the men stood ready with their spears. Andovar organized them around their homes. Katie and Decker had their rifles ready and Lockhart had his shotgun. Lincoln pulled his pistol. Boston got her Beretta and Roland looked ready to join the Amazons with his bow in hand. Iddin thought it was all a bit of overkill for one little giant. The poor giant would fall full of holes and sharp points, and never make it in to the village, no matter how big he was.

“Do you have stun on that weapon?” Iddin asked.

“I already asked that,” Lockhart said.

Elder Stow shrugged a final time before he fired. The giant, some fifteen feet tall, was close enough by then to be hard to miss. He staggered under the stun-ray and stopped throwing stones, but he continued to move forward. It looked like something was driving him. “Forgive me if I kill the fellow,” Elder stow said. “Not intentional.” He fired again.caspian giant

The giant came to the edge of the village and fell face down in a field of grain. Iddin-Addad immediately left his time and place so Doctor Mishka could have the first look at the big man. She came dressed in the armor of the Kairos, a precaution, but instead of bristling with sharp weapons, she arrived with a simple satchel over her shoulder

“Roland and Boston. Lincoln and Elder Stow. Andovar and Alia, you can come too, but leave the rest of your people here.” Mishka marched off to examine the giant. When she arrived, she saw that he was an old man and wondered why he attacked. “What?” She spoke to the sky. “Oh, I see,” she added. It was like she was speaking to someone, but not anyone physically present.

“How long will he stay out?” Lincoln asked.

“I cannot say,” Elder Stow responded. Obviously, his weapon was not designed for giants.

“Scanner.” Mishka held out her hand. Elder Stow hesitated before he handed his weapon to Lincoln. Lincoln held it gingerly with his thumb and forefinger. He dared not touch any other part of the weapon for fear he might set it off. Mishka took the scanner and scanned all around the giant’s head. She adjusted the settings several times before she settled on the giant’s right temple. She returned the scanner and retrieved a bronze scalpel from her satchel.

“Andovar and Alia, sit on his shoulders. Lincoln and Boston, hold his head.” To be sure, the giant was three times the size of a normal man, but that was not as imposing as it might sound.

Mishka, a surgeon by training, cut expertly. It bled, as any injury to the head will, but the cut was paper thin despite the crude looking scalpel. Mishka pulled the forceps from her satchel, and it took no time at all to pull a thin, glowing tube from the giant’s head. She stitched up the wound and bandaged it while she asked Andovar to fetch men to tie up the giant.

“I am sure you know what is best. I honestly don’t know what relationship you may have formed with the giant, only don’t kill him. Alia, he is not allowed to kill the giant.” She hated putting one group to watch the other, but it would keep them both busy for a bit and out of deeper trouble.

“Yes, Doe-ctor.” Alia bowed her head. She did not pronounce the word “doctor” correctly, but she clearly knew who Mishka was.

When Mishka was finished, Iddin-Addad came back. He wisely kept the armor. He lost the doctor’s satchel but added his sword and long knife to the ensemble. He held tight to the tube taken from the giant’s temple and examined it as he walked back to where Lockhart and the others were waiting.

“What is it?” Elder Stow asked before Lincoln could frame the words. Iddin said nothing, so Boston nudged him.

“What is it?”

“Back in the future, I called this technology brain controllers. They work at a certain frequency. Scanner.” Iddin held his hand out again and this time Elder Stow put his weapon away before he took out the scanner. Iddin scanned the tube and then sat on the dirt in the middle of the town square while he removed the top of the scanner to get at the sophisticated insides. “I need to find a way to plug this tube in to amplify the thing and cause some feedback,” he said, without further explanation.

“What are we facing?” Lockhart asked.

“What are those witches?” Katie asked at the same time.

“Robots of some kind,” Elder Stow answered Katie as he took a seat and leaned his nose into Iddin’s business, concerned about his equipment. The others, including Alia and Andovar, joined them. They all sat in the middle of the village where the villagers had to walk around them. Lincoln opted to check on his wife, Alexis, and the wounded man.

Iddin talked while he examined things. “This is Blueblood technology. Not exactly compatible. The witches are the defense mechanism for a crashed ship. They go out and find whatever monsters they can. They control the monsters and use them to drive away the indigenous population until there is about a hundred square mile free zone around the ship. It helps protect the survivors of a crash and leaves plenty of room for rescue ships to land.”

Iddin traded places through time to let Martok work on the scanner and the tube. Andovar got a word in to Alia. “Are you understanding this?”

“Not much, but these people are known in the legends of my people and I trust them without question.”

Andovar nodded, but then looked like he was wondering why he asked an Amazon, whom he hardly trusted.

“Hey!” Boston shouted and pointed to the sky above the house next to where the witches floated. Something was still floating there, and it looked like an eye. People jumped. Decker wanted to take a shot at it, but the eye buzzed off to the south where they saw the three witches returning.

caspian eyeball“I assume they left the eye to observe how we handled the giant,” Lockhart said.

“Yes, that is very good,” Martok looked up. “I knew there was a reason you were Director of the Men in Black.”

“Assistant Director,” Lockhart said softly, but he did not argue.

“Blueblood scanner?” Elder stow asked about the eye.

Martok nodded. “But not nearly as sophisticated as yours.” He twisted the Blueblood tube into place in the Elder’s scanner. “Mostly just a camera with maybe infra-red and some audio pick-up.”

Men and Amazons began to take up defensive positions around the village. Katie and Decker split to cover both sides of the village square. Lockhart, with Boston and then Roland following, started around the outside of the houses with the hope of catching the witches from a better angle.

The witches stopped this third time in the same place as before, and the center one raised its voice again. “Move Village.”

“We bring the flying creature,” the one on the left made her pronouncement.

“Flying creature, come,” the one on the right said.

“Dragon or something else?” Martok asked Elder Stow as he turned his back on the witches. Martok had his cape on, and though he was right out in the middle of an open space, he merely pulled his hood over his head while he kept working. Elder Stow thought about it, but finally abandoned his scanner and made for the back corner of a house. He pulled his weapon and began to make some adjustments.

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