Lectionary Reflection: John 1: 1-18: The Story of Christmas Day

Long before RPGs, before D&D, before gaming captured so many minds.  Back before the internet, before laptops, before the home computer – when typewriters ruled, and manual ones at that.  Back when the printed word was still printed, and expensive apart from the library, and some movies were in Technicolor, but most were still in black and white.  Back when televisions were just making their way into homes and there was not much to see yet on those gritty, flipping, black and white screens; there was a boy of six or seven years who grabbed pencils, colored pencils, crayons and paper and went to sit in his room like a hermit – and he told himself stories.

The boy told about reality and things beyond reality.  He charted the stars in dreams and visions and whole worlds and universes got put on that paper.  At first it was more pictures than words, but it was all words in a sense, and the more the boy grew the more the words took over.  He could perceive things unknown by normal people, and communicate them through the most powerful invention ever devised – words.

With words, this young boy could create new life and new civilizations and boldly go – years before Star Trek ever found its way to the small screen.  He could travel anywhere in space and time years before Doctor Who stole the TARDIS.  In his mind and heart, his perception could expand into infinity, but it was the words – words and pictures – that made it all real.

Perception and Communication.  Perception is the root of all science, and communication is the root of all understanding.  These are the two keys to storytelling, and storytelling is the essence of what makes us human, above all.  Perception and communication are the essence of what defines reality in the human mind and separates us from the animals and all the rest of creation.  It is not alone that we can perceive reality in a kind of self-awareness.  All animals perceive.  But it is the fact that we can put our perceptions into words.  It is the words that are all powerful.

John was brilliant when he said, In the beginning was the Wordand the Word was God.  All things were made by the Word, when God said, Let there be light.  And God showed grace from the beginning when he told Adam to name all of the animals.  Those human words from a human mind defined the reality God made.

The Baptist came to Witness: to perceive the reality of the Word made flesh, and he came to Testify to it, to put it into words so others could understand what he witnessed.

The Word made flesh was the true Light, that is the true light of God who said the first word, Let there be light.

Many people do not understand this.  It may be too basic, too simple in a way.  To Receive him is to receive the light (the light of understanding) – to be filled with light.  It is to be able to see (perceive reality) clearly for the first time, wherein there is no darkness.  Then it is up to us to Believe in the reality we perceive which is underlined for us in the Word spoken, the Word written, the Word made flesh. 

Those who believe understand that Grace is the way of God, even as it was from the beginning with Adam.  This we know through the Truth, spoken.  What is truth?  It is the Word.  It is not A word of truth.  It is THE Word of truth, the same that was in the beginning.

Perception:  No one has seen God, but the Word has seen God.  The Word is God.  And no one can make God known.  Communication: but the Word can make him known.

Christmas is:

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us… full of Grace and Truth.

This is what the little boy perceived when he was just a little boy, and now he has told you the story.

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