The Dawn of a Glorious New Day – OR – “I just want to sleep in…”

Merry Christmas, or as my friends across the water say, Happy Christmas.  For me, this is the time of year when I  begin to set goals and resolutions for the coming year.  (Why wait until New Year’s Eve)? 

So I review the year, and if you are like me I tend to see every mistake, accident, slip of the tongue, nasty moment…  I hope my random acts of kindness somehow balance that ledger… 

But seriously, I review my last year’s goals and resolutions and count my successes and failures, my additions and adjustments throughout the year and my cross-offs (because what sounded great last December turned out to be stupid in July).  I first see what is carry-over, like something that should have made it into a five year plan.  Then I add before I subtract. 

I always over expect.  That might just be me, but I figure if I set my goals and resolutions too low I’ll have a lazy year.  As long as I understand there is deliberately more than I can possibly do so I don’t stress over it, my time won’t be wasted (and I will never have the excuse of saying I’m bored with nothing to do).

There are already several resolutions for 2012.  Focusing on marketing my work is a big one.  I’ll be working with a friend somewhere between the last of December and first weeks of January to zero in.  He does this kind of “game planning” for a living and consults for Wall Street types.  I don’t know if he got occupied.  I’ll have to ask when I see him.

Meanwhile, have you thought about 2012?  Is it going to be the greatest year ever?  Oh?  How so? 

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