Preview: Avalon, Season 9, Masters

Table of Contents

9.0 Pestilence 

After 1312 A.D. The Alps: Kairos lifetime 111: Prudenza de Genoa

9.1 Johanne 

After 1374 A.D. Northern France: Kairos lifetime 112: Quentin, the Highlander

9.2 The Called 

After 1437 A.D. Aragon & Castile: Kairos lifetime 113: Catherine, La Halcon

9.3 Bewitches 

After 1499 A.D. Bavaria: Kairos lifetime 114: Hans of Brementown

9.4 Broadside 

After 1562 A.D. The Caribbean: Kairos lifetime 115: Peter van Dyke: Captain Hawk

9.5 Men in Black 

After 1624 A.D. Scotland: Kairos lifetime 116: Elizabeth Stewart MacLean of Gray Havens


9.6 Earth and Sky 

After 1690 A.D. Delaware Valley: Kairos lifetime 117: Lars of the Lenape

9.7 Revolution 

After 1755 A.D. Valley Forge: Kairos lifetime 118: Michelle Marie Lancaster

9.8 The Wild West 

After 1823 A.D. Dakota Territory: Kairos lifetime 119: Marshal Miguel Casidy

9.9 California Dreaming 

After 1889 A.D., Hollywood Springtime: Kairos lifetime 120: Nadia Iliana Kolchenkov, M. D.

9.10 July Crisis 

May 1914 A.D. Heidelberg: Kairos lifetime 120: Doctor Kolchenkov

9.11 Blitz 

May 1941 A.D. London: Kairos lifetime 120: Colonel Kolchenkov

9.12 Home 

Christmas 2014 A.D. : Kairos lifetime 121/137: The Storyteller/Alice of Avalon

Avalon Season 9 Introduction

The travelers came to Avalon in the Second Heavens to be transported instantly through the Heart of Time to the beginning of history.  They went on a rescue mission, but things did not go as planned.  The Kairos—the Storyteller, had to jump into the void before history to become lost in eternity.  Now, in order to get home, the travelers must return the slow way.  They follow the Amulet of Avalon that points the way from one time gate to the next, and cross dangerous time zones that center around the many lives of the Kairos, the Traveler in time, the Watcher over history, a person who never lives a quiet life.

They have unlimited vitamins, elf crackers, for their health; and unlimited bullets, which are needed far too often.  They ride mustangs brought back from the old west, and wear fairy weave clothing that they can shape and change with a word in order to blend into the local culture.   By a special gift of the Kairos, they can understand and be understood no matter the local language.  Inevitably, they have to deal with thieves, brigands, armies and empires, gods and monsters, spirits and creatures, space aliens and the great unknown.  They try hard not to disturb history along the way.  That is not easy.

To be sure, all they want is to get home in one piece, but they are not the only ones lost in time.  Some people lost in time might want to follow them, or even go with them.  But some people are not so friendly, and not everything lost in time is a person.  Some want to fight the travelers.  Some want to hunt them.

Season Nine brings the travelers into modern times and to home in the twenty-first century. They travel through the renaissance and the reformation, the age of enlightenment and exploration, the industrial and other revolutions.  They just want to get home, but the Masters seem to be everywhere trying to send the human race off course and destroy the future.  If the Masters can turn humanity to despair, and make the human race desperate enough for safety, security, and solutions, then with kind words and empty promises the Masters can take over.  That would ruin and destroy all people—a fate worse than slavery.


Robert Lockhart, a former police officer, is now the assistant director of the Men in Black.  He was in charge of the rescue mission that left from 2010 and traveled through the Heart of Time to the beginning of history.  Something went wrong.  The Kairos, the Storyteller had to jump into the void before history began in order to save their charge.  Now, everything on Avalon is out of sync, and the travelers are forced to return to the future through the time gates and across the dangerous time zones that surround the many lives of the Kairos.  Lockhart is now charged with leading this expedition through time, though he has no idea how he is going to get everyone home alive.

Major Katherine Harper-Lockhart (Katie), a marine and an elect—a one-in-a-million warrior woman, whose doctorate is in ancient and medieval cultures and technologies.  She is torn between her duty to the marines and her desire to be part of this larger universe she is discovering, though since she married Robert, her path seems set.  She carries the prototype amulet first used to travel the time zones.

Benjamin Lincoln, a former C. I. A. office geek who keeps the database and a record of their journey.  He tends to worry and is not the bravest soul, but sometimes that is an asset.  His wife, Alexis, was kidnapped by her own father Mingus and dragged back to the beginning of history.  This prompted the rescue mission which got everyone stuck in the past with the time gates in the time zones as the only option to get home—the long way around, as they say.

Elder Stow, a space traveling, technologically advanced Gott-Druk (Neanderthal) from the future who got thrown back into the past.  He is forced, at first, to make a truce with these ‘humans’ to join them in their journey.  He has since adjusted to the idea, and believes it is his only chance to get back to the future.  His technological toys, as he calls them, have come in handy.

Sukki, a Gott-Druk from the before time who got taken off planet to a new world at the time of the flood.  She joined a small group determined to return to Earth.  She is the sole survivor.  The travelers take her with them, knowing she cannot survive alone in the past, and she is learning that these travelers are now her new family.  Though adopted by Elder Stow, she begged the Kairos to be made human, like the rest of her family.  The goddesses who did that got a bit carried away and left her empowered like a superhero.

Lieutenant Colonel Decker A former navy seal, now a marine special operations officer, he will do all he can to keep everyone alive, even if it means shooting his way back to the twenty-first century.  He is a skeptic who does not believe half of what they experience.  An African American, he got gifted in the deep past by his eagle totem and can see beyond normal vision.

Nanette Jones Decker A student from 1905.  She is an African American who once worked as Professor Fleming’s Administrative Assistant.  She only willingly left the professor back in the time of Julius Caesar when the professor got diagnosed with cancer and insisted.  She has magic, rooted in telekinesis, when the Other Earth phases in and leaks magic energy into our universe.  A brilliant woman, she fell in love with Colonel Decker, thanks to Aphrodite and the Colonel had no power to resist the goddess.

Tony (Anthony) Carter A graduate student in Antiquities in Latin and Greek.  He also got pulled into the past from 1905 and lived seven years with Professor Fleming and a few classmates in the days of Julius Caesar.  He joined the travelers because it seemed his only chance to get back home.  He has since learned that he will likely get home in time for World War One.  Something to look forward to.

Plus, as always,

The Kairos.  But that is a different person in each time zone.



Something special. See you then.

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