Elect II—4 Venus de Jekyll and Hyde, part 3 of 3

Latasha stopped in to see Ms Riley.  She had some time to kill before Detective Lisa picked her up, and the grump in the library wanted to go home early.  To her surprise, Wendy and Mini were there asking Ms Riley a question.  She sat quietly to wait, when a man stuck his head in the door.

ac-latasha-a6“Ms Riley.  Can I see you a minute?”

“Of course.”  Ms Riley stood.  “Hold that thought.  I’ll be right back,” she said, and stepped out the door.

“Hey, haven’t seen you in a while,” Wendy started the conversation.

“I’ve been busy trying to do something with my life.”

“I heard you been hanging out with the police,” Wendy continued.  She was fishing for information, maybe to gossip, but Latasha did not care.

“I am trying to get the grades to go to college.  I want to join the police force.”

“That’s what I heard.  You are making some of the kids around here nervous.”

“Not my problem,” Latasha said.

“Wendy wants to be a lawyer,” Mini interrupted.

“So why are you so worried about science class?” Latasha was curious.

“Asking questions shows you are doing the reading and interested in the subject,” Mini spoke frankly.  “Teachers give better grades on papers and stuff if they think you are really making the effort.”

“But you are making the effort, aren’t you?  You’re not just being slick.”

“Of course,” Wendy rolled her eyes.  “You have to do the reading to show you are doing the reading.”

“Of course,” Latasha responded, and added a thought.  “I miss hanging with you guys.”

boston-a2“Me too,” Mini said.  Wendy looked non-committal as Ms Riley came back in.

“So girls, what was that question?” Ms Riley asked.

“Never mind,” Wendy said.  “We just figure it out.”  Wendy and Mini left.

“Latasha?”  Ms Riley turned to her.  “Did you have a question?”

“No, ma’am.  I just figured it out, too.”


Detective Lisa brought Ashish to the trash can out back behind the police station.  She carried Professor Hilde’s journal.  He watched as she set it on fire along with all of Granger’s notes they discovered in the house.  She warmed her hands by the fire while Ashish spoke.

ac-ashish-2“So you think Professor Hilde kept the personal journal to track all of his experiments because he planned on selling it to the highest bidder?”

“That is the only thing that makes sense,” Lisa responded.  “Last year’s contest was to make super soldiers.  The Pentagon offered lots of money for the winner.  Hilde figured if he did not win, his formula was still good enough to sell.  Even if he did win, he might double his money by selling the formula to the Chinese or someone else.”

“Why do you think Granger got into it?  I don’t know the science, but even glancing at the journal let me know the formula was highly addictive.  Hilde wrote that everywhere.  It was a real problem he was struggling to overcome.”

Lisa looked at her partner.  “Maybe she always wanted to be the most popular girl on campus.  Maybe she liked the power it gave her over men, and eventually some women.  Maybe she thought she had the addiction overcome?  All we really know is once she started, she was hooked.  But her immune system fought back.  It took larger and larger doses to get the same internal effect while the external effect increased exponentially.  In the end I think Emily was right.  She already overdosed by the time the girls got there.”

“I wonder how Franco found out about it.”

“We’ll never know.  We know the men were connected to Franco but we can’t prove the connection.  Ferdinand Franco is no dummy.  He came up with the gas masks and radiation suits with their own oxygen supply.”  Lisa stirred the fire to be sure all the pages burned.

“Do you think Franco made a copy of this information?”  Ashish looked worried.

ac-lisa-a1Lisa shook her head.  “I don’t think he got that far, and this journal was still locked up when we found it.  If it was not in the safe with her notes, it would have burned up in the house fire.”  Lisa pushed back her hair.  “I suppose we will find out eventually.”

Ashish frowned.  “The Prosecutor is going to be upset, you burning the evidence.”

“What evidence?”

“Just checking.”


Monday,things turn up that should be buried.  Be sure and return for The Elect II–5 Stab from the Past.

Until then, Happy Reading.


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