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The Elect, Book II, Sophomore Year

ac-emily-3Emily Hudson is an elect, a one-in-a-million warrior woman charged and empowered to defend family, home, and community against whatever might rise up out of the dark.  When Emily arrived at New Jersey State University for her freshman year, she discovered two other elect in town.

ac-latasha-7Latasha LeBaidu, a local high school transplant originally from New Orleans, is young, and learning, but determined to live up to her potential and do her part in making the world safe.  She wants to be a police officer and follow in the footsteps of Detective Lisa.

ac-lisa-7Detective Lisa Schromer is a mother of three beautiful children, and also the person on the Trenton police force that deals with all that spooky stuff.  When Emily showed up for her freshman year, Lisa needed her, and in time, the local girl Latasha, to deal with the super soldier contest being conducted by the Pentagon and the biology department at New Jersey State.

No spoilers here.  The Elect, Book I, Freshman Year will be available as an e-book by Christmas.

Now a sophomore, Emily hopes for a quiet year.  Latasha, a high school sophomore, also wants to focus on her studies.  She needs to turn her ‘D’s into ‘B’s if she hopes to go to the community college and study law enforcement.  Detective Lisa wishes them luck, but she understands why Trenton, the capitol of New Jersey, is located right across the river from Philadelphia.  It is like the hub of the wheel.  All of the energy from Boston and New York, from Philadelphia itself, and from Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond goes right through Trenton.  And these days, most of that energy is negative, and growing.

The Elect, Book II, Sophomore Year begins Monday—the first Monday in October.  Each chapter (mini-episode) will be three parts long and will post Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each and every week for the next 22 weeks.  Somewhere on campus, a door has been opened to Avalon and some of the golden apples of youth are missing.  Just that would be bad enough, but Emily and her tribe of friends will be busy.  It is never just one thing.


Speaking of Avalon… Avalon, Season Three is now available at your favorite e-book retailer for the low price of $1.99.  Check under my author name, M G Kizzia at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, etc.


Also, the newly revised and expanded Pilot Episode is an easy way to get to know the characters in the Avalon series and see how this group of travelers got stuck in the past having to get home the hard way, across the time zones and through the time gates.  It is not an easy journey when they are not the only ones lost in time.  Most of the the others that are lost are not human, and most of them are now hunting the travelers; and it is a long way back to the twenty-first century.


The Pilot Episode, complete with a new cover, is only .99 cents, and a good read.  Remember, whatever you read, Happy Reading


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