Avalon 4.7: part 1 of 6 King after Melchizadek

After 2052 BC, Salem.  Kairos 53: Yadinel, King of the Elohim

Recording …

The travelers went through the time gate and came out the other side seemingly unmoved in their location.

“I remember this rock,” Boston insisted.  “This very rock.”

“Lincoln, did you check the horizon?” Lockhart asked.

Lincoln nodded.  “It is the same horizon as far as I can tell.”

“How can you know this?” Elder Stow wondered.

“Way back, the very first time we stepped through a time gate, Lockhart and I heard the tower fall.”golan heights 1

“Babel,” Alexis explained.  “The Tower of Babel fell as we were going through.”

“I looked back and checked the time zone.  I thought I might catch a glimpse of the zone resetting itself,” Lincoln said.  “Ever since then, I have gotten into the habit of checking the horizon every time we go through a gate.”  He got out the database.

“Personally, I think it is a wonder you could focus on anything with Pluckman and his people all blabbering and shouting good-bye, and all,” Alexis said.

“Like munchkins,” Decker agreed, in his own way.

“Stop it,” Boston said.  “I was starting to like all those dwarfs.  They were cute and funny.”

“In an annoying sort of way,” Decker said.

“Like the forty-three stooges, maybe,” Lockhart agreed.

“Well, they aren’t here now,” Katie interrupted.  “So we must have moved forward in time, even if we are still in the same place.”  She looked at the back-up amulet she wore around her neck.  “This way,” she said.  “Same direction we were going.”

Lockhart rode up beside Katie.  Decker and Elder Stow stayed in close while Lincoln read whatever information he could about the Kairos in this time zone.  “Yadinel, the Elohim version of the name Daniel…”  He read the myth before he gave some particulars.  “He becomes king of Salem after Melchizadek and keeps the Jebusites out of the city as long as he is alive.  But, of course, there is no telling when in his lifetime we have arrived.  He could be a sage king with a long gray beard, or he could be a child.  It says when he was young, he went with his older brothers to find out what happened to Sodom.  It says Sodom was destroyed when an Anazi battleship broke up in the atmosphere overhead.  The resulting explosion was atomic in proportion, but after one massive blast of radiation, the radiation dissipated with no long term effect.”

“Darn,” Boston complained.  “I thought Sodom was destroyed by the wrath of God.”

“It was,” Alexis countered.  “Don’t make the atheist mistake.  God is not limited to divine fiat.  Just because there is an explanation, that does not mean it isn’t the hand of God.  I think God works through natural means and the natural world all the time.”

gol sodom 1


Boston swallowed.  That was exactly what she was thinking, that somehow, if it was not some inexplicable miracle, it was not God.

“So what happened to Gomorrah?” Lockhart asked out of curiosity.  “No one ever explains about Gomorrah.

Lincoln took a moment to find the information.  “Plague.  Fallout from the explosion killed plenty, and then some Anazi plague.  A pox wiped out almost all the inhabitants of Gomorah and two other cities.  The fifth city, Bela, was the only one that made it well enough to gather the survivors.”

“Pox?” Alexis asked.

“It doesn’t say what kind.”

Decker nodded and moved out to the flank.  Elder stow took the other side, and Lockhart was glad that without the dwarfs dragging along, they could ride their horses.  Over that day, they came down out of the high country and moved through a deep and wide valley.  In the evening, they saw the sea of Galilee spread out in front of them.


GalileeThe following morning, the travelers moved down the west side of the lake, the opposite direction to the way they went once before.  “At least the water is drinkable this time,” Katie said.  “Last time we came through here the water was full of hallucinogenic substances.”

“I remember,” Lockhart said, and looked back.  Last time, Mingus had kidnapped Alexis and wiped her memory.  This was the place where they got Alexis back and Alexis got her memory back.  Mingus disappeared for several time zones, following with the back-up amulet that Katie now wore.  This time, Mingus was plodding along, not saying anything.  Even Boston had given up trying the get a word out of the elder elf.

Lockhart looked away to see what Elder Stow wanted.  The Gott-Druk rode in, alternately looking at his scanner and the sky.  That did not appear to be a good thing.

“Something overhead,” Elder Stow said.  “It is very big and appears to be dropping through the atmosphere, but coming in on powered flight.”

“Trajectory?” Lincoln asked.

Elder Stow pointed the way they were headed.  “Several miles down the sea side.”

“We probably should hurry up and maybe get there before dark,” Lockhart said.

They rode all out for a time, but finally had to walk the horses to rest them.  Then Lockhart had another question.

“Lincoln.  What might we be facing?  The Anazi, whoever they are?””

“Them or the blobs.”

“What happened to the Bluebloods and Sevarese?” Katie asked.

“According to the database, after wiping out the Pendratti, and they are now extinct by the way, the Blueblood and Sevarese fought each other to near extinction.”UFO Marzilotipan 1

“So who are these Anazi?” Lockhart asked

“A minor player on the side of the Sevarese at the end.  They helped the Sevarese wipe out the Bluebloods, and then turned on the few remaining Sevarese.  They are now the big players in this backwater of the galaxy. Um…” Lincoln took a minute to read.  “They are very central command structure oriented.  Even ship captains have to ask permission, get approval for actions, and follow orders.  Serious micro-management issues.  Individual soldiers are hardly allowed to think at all.”

“They sound like ghouls,” Mingus spoke for the first time in two days.

“No, well they may be…Oh, I see what you mean.”

“The hundred ghouls have one central figure they are all connected with in some psychic way,” Boston explained what she knew.  “The nine move on command of the tenth, and the ten move on command of the controller.”

“The controller doesn’t have very many tens left,” Lincoln sounded hopeful.

“forty or more, I would guess,” Lockhart said.  “Time to ride.”

Another hour, and Elder Stow and Decker came back in from the outside edge.  They made better time than expected.  It was only mid-afternoon.

“The ship should be just up ahead,” Elder Stow reported.  “Major Decker has a good idea about who it might be.”

People looked at Decker, but he smiled and said, “I’ll wait until we get there.”

Shortly the football stadium sized ship came into view.  It was a ship of unfamiliar design, until they got close enough to see the ramp and the goods scattered about like sales racks from a department store.  Alexis was the one who named the aliens.

UFO Birdman 5“Marzalotipan.”  It was not kindly said.  The Marzilotipan were the worst sort of merchants and sales people.  They dealt in advanced equipment, salvaged space parts, junk, weapons and weapons systems. and who knew what else?  Earlier Marzilotipan made offers for their horses, so there were likely all sorts of animals or animal-like or plant-like things in the ship, not to mention alien diseases.

“They survived the war…wars?” Lockhart asked.

“And probably made a good profit selling to both sides,” Decker nodded and smiled again, like he guessed correctly.

“Well, they have been warned off this planet.  Earth is off limits.” Lockhart spurred his horse forward and the others followed.

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