Avalon: One Week Episode

Monday, May 23 ************

hawk 1Avalon 4.3 will post in a single week: M, T, W, And Th.

You can get the whole episode without waiting through the weekend for the second half.

Avalon 4.3, Go Away is only 4 posts long, so don’t miss it…Caspian serpent


Lincoln and Lockhart, two old men returned to their youth at the beginning of the journey, remember the last time they were in Southeast Asia.  It wasn’t so much fun.  This time, everything feels peaceful and calm until all hell breaks loose.  The sky gods and the sea gods (sea demons) are struggling for control of the land, and the travelers have stepped right into the middle of it.  It seems like both sides want to kill the travelers, lest they take the other side Ruan 4in the struggle.  And the Kairos, Ruan Zee, appears very limited on what she can do to keep them all alive.

Avalon, episode 4.3, Go Away.  That’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday of next week.  Enjoy.

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