The Elect 22, Through the Heart: part 1 of 4

Maria and Mindy went to visit Amina and Emily, but Emily was not home.  Amina was puttering ac amina 6around the room.  “I kind of spread my things out with a single room,” she said.  “I’ve been trying to make space for Emily’s things.”

“It’s a nice room,” Mindy said.  “Connie has me squeezed into the corner, but I keep thinking a couple more weeks and I’ll be free.”

“Sorry we lost our rooms,” Maria said.  “You could have stayed until the end of the semester with me.”

“Thanks.”  Mindy appreciated the thought.  She looked at Emily’s desk and picked up the prominent item, a picture of Pierce.  “Emily is lucky.  I wish I could find someone as nice.”

ac pierce 7“We all do,” Maria said.  “Pierce is like her, one in a million.”

“What?”  Amina looked at them.  “The hair on my neck.”  She grabbed the picture of Pierce.  “No, no, no,” she shouted, tossed the picture down on Emily’s desk and took off running for the stairs.  Maria and Mindy had no time to ask.  They ran after her.



The Elect, Freshman Year is entering the final chapter/episode.  With the zombie lab shut down, you would think… but what is that expression, Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water…

The entire serialized novel began in November 2015.  You are welcome to click on the archives and read it from the beginning.  This chapter, as all of the previous chapters, will post today, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Enjoy.  And…

a a happy reading

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