The Elect 20, Matters of Life: part 1 of 4

The nice doctor came in, Doctor John Smith.  He was young, just an intern, but he kept a close eyeaa doctor on Latasha, Jessica, Maria, and Mindy.  He tended their trauma, physical, psychological, and emotional.  They smiled for him.  They could not help it.  It was an instinct, an automatic reflex.  He was good looking, and he smiled back.



ac emily 4Poor Emily.  Her troops are all in the hospital and she still has to find a zombie lab… and who knows what else?  You would think having three elect in the small city of Trenton, New Jersey, would be enough to handle any contingency.  ac latasha 9

But Latasha, the high school freshman is herself in the hospital, the result of an assassination attempt where she ended up with a back full of door splinters.

And Detective Lisa, the adult in the group, is totally frustrated by the enormous ac lisa 2numbers of missing persons in town, many of whom eventually turn up dead.  As she says, the numbers would be off the charts if they weren’t so close to Philadelphia.

That leaves Emily, a freshman at New Jersey State University, somewhat isolated in her search for the bad guys.  She doesn’t even know who the bad guys are.  But someone is sending dead people out, wired to explode on contact…

The Elect, Freshman Year (or season one) is racing now toward the season finale.  Three chapters (or episodes) remain: 20, Matters of Life, 21, Matters of Death, and 22, Through the Heart.  As always, they will be posted in 4 posts each: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Don’t miss them…

If you want to read the story from the start, you are welcome to visit the website and click on the archives button.  this all began in November of 2015, and you can help yourself.  It is free.  My feeling is wherever your imagination takes you… whatever you read:  Happy Reading…

a a hr calvin 3

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