The Elect 19, part 3 of 4: The Principal Boom

Latasha was called to the principal’s office and she knew Principal Wearing was not happy.  She sat on the bolted chairs and looked at the hole where a chair had once been.  She remembered Detective Lisa ripping it up from the floor with no trouble at all.  Latasha knew she was strong as well, but she was not that strong.

Keisha and Janet were left out of it, which was a good thing, but it did make her wonder why she was being singled out.  Latasha never told anyone about being one of the elect, a warrior woman.  She certainly never told her friends, Keisha the cool and Janet the big mouth.  No way they could have kept the secret. ac latasha 7

Her family knew a little, but even they did not know all the details.  They knew she was unnaturally strong and capable of some things that many girls her age were not, but they might have written that off to her being tall, skinny and athletic.  The women who came and protected the house were there at the request of Detective Lisa, and if Latasha was allowed to participate with them, well maybe it was because she was the only grown girl in the house.  Oh yeah, and she had her ax. That might have raised some questions, but no one ever asked outright.  These days she kept her ax wrapped up hidden and safe in her closet.  She did not even get it out to bring to the school to confront the bus-creature.  Perhaps she should have.  The thing is, she did not know.

Latasha had no idea what she was dealing with because she got impatient.  She thought the grown up thing was to handle it herself.  She almost got herself and her friends killed as a result.  This was something they did not teach in the schools, but she was learning.  Next time she would ask for help and try to find out what she was facing before she went in half-cocked.

“Latasha,” Ms Beemer leaned over the front counter.  “Who are you here to see again?”

ac lat school office 1“Principal Wearing,” Latasha answered, curious that Ms Beemer did not know.  Latasha looked up at the clock.  She had been sitting for a while and wondered what was taking so long; but then the whole day seemed to be taking forever.  She wanted it to be over so she could go up to the hospital.  She had met Maria, Jessica, and she thought she met Amina once, she was not sure.  She was also not sure about Mindy, but they were Emily’s friends and that was good enough for Latasha.  Emily was the best.  Latasha knew she should not idolize the girl, but she could not help it.  She knew being called to defend her home and community, being elect was a dangerous thing to be, but if anything ever happened to Emily, she would be the first in line to confront whatever it was.

Latasha sighed.  Emily was all grown up and had a boyfriend who loved her with all his heart.  Latasha could tell.  And Emily loved Pierce right back, just as hard.  Latasha hoped someday she might find someone just as wonderful, and she sighed again.

“Latasha,” Ms Beemer called her again.  Latasha looked up, and at Ms Beemer’s wave, she got up.  “Principal Wearing will see you now.”  Ms Beemer let her behind the counter and  walked her across the open office to the principal’s door.  She knocked, but it was only a formality before she opened the door and ushered Latasha in.

“Ms LeBaidu,” the principal said without looking up from the papers on his desk.  “I am busy.  What is it you wanted to see me about?”ac lat principal

“Sir?”  Latasha did not understand.

The man looked up from his papers.  “Well?”  He stood and stepped around to the front of the desk.  Thus far, he had not invited her to sit.  “Let me just say, I think you are trouble.  You found that girl in that locker.  You were there when Ms Johnson had her terrible accident.  You always seem to be there.  Well, Ms LeBaidu, I think you are hiding secrets.  But, let me tell you, I am like a dog with a bone.  Once I grab on, I don’t let go, and I keep gnawing at it until I discover the meat on the inside.  Have a seat.”  Latasha sat.  “Now what is on your mind?”

Latasha shook her head.  “You called me out of class to see me,” she said.

“I did not.”  The principal stood up straight and eyed Latasha for a second to make sure she was not lying.  “We will get to the bottom of this.”  He stepped to the door and opened it.  “Ms Beemer,” he called.

Latasha heard the glass break and saw something fly into the room.  Latasha knew what it was even without a good look.  Maybe it was some sixth sense limited only to the destined few, but in any case, she jumped.  She tackled the principal who was in the doorway, shoved him out of the room and took him to the floor with her on top of his back.  The principal’s office exploded.  Ms Beemer was knocked down from the wind that rushed through the door, but not seriously hurt.  ac lat office wallSomehow, the cinderblock walls held.  Latasha had a back and legs full of doorway splinters, but she did not give into the pain.

Latasha turned on Ms Beemer.  “Dial 9-1-1”

The principal got up slowly, checked his nose to be sure it was not broken, and thought up some choice words for this girl while at the same time he thought, “What the Hell was that?”  Latasha ignored him.  She found her backpack shredded, but her phone was in an inner pocket and miraculously still worked.  Lisa picked up, and Latasha only had to say two words.

“I’m bleeding.”

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