The Elect 18, Misdirection: part 1 of 4

Emily got on the plane and sat by the window.  She ignored everyone and everything apart from the stress she was feeling.  The clouds offered no distraction and no comfort as she considered all that had happened to her since coming to school.  She thought of the geeks in the frat house, the football players in the sorority house, and the destruction of her ROTC freshman class.  She considered Hilde himself, the end result of his own experiments.  The suck face murders, as they were called.

Emily tried to think about Pierce, but her mind turned to zombies instead, and the Swensons, ac emily 1both mother and daughter.  Emily had learned that Abby’s father and brother were killed in an unexplained accident a few years earlier.  If two plus two ever made four, it seemed obvious to one who believed in witchcraft that Abby killed her father and brother in order to gain her mother’s full time attention.  No wonder Abby reacted with such anger and hatred when Professor Swenson died.  With a little subtlety, Abby might still be around enslaving people to her heart’s content, but Flabby wasn’t that smart.  Then again, Professor Swenson was, and Emily imagined the loss of her husband and son was probably what got her working on the whole idea of bringing the dead back to life.  The cut up murders, as they were called.

Emily coughed, and the middle aged man who had taken the center seat to be next to the pretty young girl decided to move to the empty aisle seat.

Again, Emily tried to think about Pierce, but that just brought to mind the old people murders.  She decided Lisa was probably right.  Granted, they had their hands full looking for the zombie lab, but there was probably a third group out there somewhere.  No telling what they had in mind since so ac emily 5afar they had not tipped their hand.

Emily sneezed, felt a chill and had a forehead full of sweat by the time they landed.  She pulled her coat tight and walked to baggage claim, thinking about Latasha and the succubus.  She thought of the vampires over Christmas.  She remembered what Lisa said early on, that if it was some kind of monster she would have been informed.  Emily wondered about this much larger and much stranger universe she had stumbled into, and where it might lead.  When she grabbed her bags, she did not see the ghostly, mist-like thing that exited her back.  Like a puff of smoke, it wafted down to her bag and sucked itself inside among her things.


Thus far, Emily, her roommate and friends have helped Detective Lisa shut down the super soldier competition being held by the biology department at New Jersey State University where Emily is a freshman.  They can’t pin it on the Pentagon.  And they can’t seem to stop the incoming zombies, wired to explode when they reach their destination–at least not without finding the zombie lab.  And poor Latasha, the third elect in town, is only a freshman in the local high school where the madness from the university has overflowed.

Chapter 18 (or episode 18 if you have more of a television mind) is being posted this week: today, Tues., Wed., and Thurs.  If you want to visit the blog, you can click on the archives button and start in November 2015, or you can just read chapter 18 and get the general idea of what is going on.  I do urge you, though, to read the whole chapter, like watching the whole television episode…

It is free to read, after all.  Do enjoy and Happy Reading

a a happy reading 2

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