The Elect 16, The Best Laid Plans: part 1 of 4

Jean Johnson, high school guidance counselor, walked home on the path that skirted the edge of the university.  She loved the flavor of youthful vigor and vitality that pervaded across the campus.  Young people were bustling about, growing, exploring, and learning, and all with so much energy.  It was like a tonic for Ms Johnson’s hunger and put a new bounce in her j john 6

The sun was beginning to set, it still being early in the year.  Ms Johnson had just started looking forward to the spring and all that new life that would be born and explode in her senses, when she sensed something else, something in the bushes, and she stopped to have a look.

A monster stepped out of the bushes, roughly human shaped, but bigger than any linebacker or wrestler, ever.  It had too many teeth, and tusks, and slightly pointed ears, and it growled deeply in a tone frightening enough to make a lion tremble.

ac j j orc“Ogre—no, I believe orc is the word these days,” Ms Johnson said and smiled at the thing.  The orc looked at the frail looking woman and sniffed like it was tasting something in the air.  It howled, a high pitched coyote-like sound and moved off, rapidly.

“Well,” Ms Johnson spoke to herself.  “No matter.  I much prefer them young and human.”


The Elect episode/chapter 16 takes us on an interlude to visit Latasha at the local high school where things are not always as they seem.

This story began in November 2015  which you can access by clicking on the archives button.  Like a television show or a serialized novel, is it never too late to read earlier chapters, like exciting scenes from last week… or you are welcome to follow from this point and hopefully it won’t be too hard to pick up on the storyline,,,s,,,

Emily is busy trying to pass her freshman year at the university.  Detective Lisa is busy searching for the lab where they made the zombies.  Where else can Latasha turn when something bad happens in her little corner of the city?

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.  it is free…  Happy reading

a a happy reading 3

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