The Elect 15, Abbyland: part 1 of 4

Pierce brought the car to a stop.  He did not mind the traffic around Philadelphia, but he could understand why the people who did it every day hated it. ac pierce 8

He thought about his brother.  The last time he saw the boy, the boy was seven but looked more like fourteen or fifteen.  He remembered thinking at the time that the boy was growing up too fast.  Apparently, the obedience training did not work well, or take with the boy.  Somehow, the boy managed to run away from the residence.  Pierce never seriously considered escaping the residence, but it was an interesting thought.  He did have a mind of his own, despite everything.

At the residence, he discovered he had a baby sister.  She was two, and both looked and acted ac emily 9two, thank God, he thought.  But she was already being put through rigorous testing and being manipulated without any regard for her humanity.  He wished he could think of a way to save her from all that, but he could not think of anything, until he thought of Emily.

Emily was the only non-programmed thing in his life.  She was the only good thing in his life.  She was the only thing worth dying for.  He honked at the car trying to pull into his lane, just because he could.


As you can imagine, things are about to get very strange.  Don’t miss the T, W and Thursday posts.  The Elect, chapter 15, Abbyland is a doozy.

Of course, you can wait until F (Sat or Sun) and read the whole chapter (4 posts) together in one sitting.  They are on the blog, on the right hand side under recent posts.  If you are coming in late, you can always click on the archives button and go back to the beginning, November 2015.  Do enjoy the story, and as I say, Happy Reading.

a a happy reading 4


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