The Elect 14, part 3 of 4: Searching

Lisa came to campus in the morning with a court order and plenty of back up.  It turned out there were seven Abby’s in the student body, but as Emily looked down the list she was sure none of the ones listed was the witch.

“We don’t even know her last name,” Lisa lisa 2

“Amina says she is being blocked and Melissa can’t remember it either,” Maria reported as she played with her glasses.  Just to keep things even, Emily ran her hand through her hair.  It was not as short as it used to be.  Soon enough, it might be normal length for a girl her age.

“Have you talked to Heinrich?”  Lisa asked.

Emily nodded.  “Haven’t you talked to him?”

Lisa shook her head.  “We are not on the best of terms at the moment.”

ac emily 7Emily understood.  Latasha.  “He says finding a witch is not easy.”  He said it was not as easy as finding a rogue elect.  “Apparently when they are young they don’t know how to contain or disguise themselves so they tend to broadcast all over the place.  Finding a general location, like the campus is easy, but picking through the broadcast fog to find a specific location is not.”

The police spent all afternoon banging through one dorm room, office or classroom after another.  They came up empty.  Lisa had hoped they would find her.  She had also hoped the girl was raised to respect her parents and elders, and might hesitate to fight the police directly.  She doubted that was the case these days.  Lisa knew if this witch was a rebellious teen, she could easily fight, and from all indications, she feared that would be a serious battle.

When they found nothing, Lisa insisted Emily go with her to her house.  They planned to sleep three with one awake at all times to watch.  It was probably not the best plan, but what else could they do?

Emily caught up with Pierce the following morning.  He came to tell her he had an off campus errand and would not be back until late.  Captain Driver was also off campus again, taking another weekend in Washington.  Emily wanted to ask what was so special about Washington, but she ac pierce 2suspected it was his kids.  He was divorced and she did not ask because she did not want to be nosey.

Emily looked at Pierce.  She hated to be away from him.  But then, he was looking at her in the same way so she figured it was safe to feel what she was feeling.  She thought to hold him.  She thought to kiss him.  She thought about delaying his errand by taking him back to her room.  They had only done it that one time before Christmas.  She imagined it was time for another visit.  She imagined she would not mind if they made it a regular thing, but she was good.  She let him go and only stared until he waved and vanished behind the trees on the path to faculty parking lot, C.

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