The Elect 14, Nightmares: part 1 of 4

Maria answered her phone, “Ola, Maria”

“Hello Maria?  This is Melissa.”

”Melissa?  I was just thinking about calling you.  How are things in Vermont?”

“Fine.  And there?”

“Good.  Emily and Pierce are getting along great.  She loves him, you know, and he really loves maria 3  You can see it in his eyes every time he looks at her, lucky girl.  Jessica is on boyfriend number umpteen.  I can’t remember.  I don’t know if Amina dates.  She says her parents are really strict about stuff.”

“Are you seeing anyone?”


“Good,” Melissa said.  “I mean not good, but I’m not either, and it wouldn’t be so bad if maybe we could be roommates next year.  I mean, I don’t know anyone else there.”

“You know me,” Maria said.  “And you know Emily and Jessica, and you met Amina.  Oh, and do you remember Mindy?  She is helping Amina with her history paper for Professor Schultz.  Little redhead—lived on your floor, originally?”

Melissa was silent for a minute.  “I think so.  She seems nice.”

“So you see?  You have friends.”  Maria paused and let the silence stretch out.  Since talking to Melissa after Christmas, Maria learned to let Melissa have time to frame her thoughts.

ac melissa 1a“Maria,” Melissa waited, but Maria let her finish.  “I had a bad dream—a nightmare.  I dreamt that Abby started making everybody into Abby worshipers.  All of you got taken by her spell, except maybe Emily.  I don’t remember Emily in my dream.  But it was terrible and I did not have near the power to stop her.”  Melissa grew quiet.  Maria spoke after a minute.

“I haven’t talked about Abby.  I figured it was something you probably wanted to forget.  But, since you mentioned it, it looks to us and Detective Lisa that Abby is planning something. I hate to ask you to think about it, but anything you can remember, like maybe Abby’s last name would be helpful.”

“I will—think about it,” Melissa said, and her voice brightened.  “It is the least I can do for my friends.”

“And roommate,” Maria said, and she could feel Melissa smile right through the phone.


For those who are following this story, you are welcome to skip this part.  But for those who may be new, here is how it works.  The story began in November of 2015 and that is easy to access.  Just click on the archives button and select November and you can read the story from the beginning…and then December…and then January up to the present post.  Each chapter is posted in 4 parts: M, T, W, and Th.  To read the complete chapter 14, begin today and check the blog on T, W, and Th.  If you want to wait until Friday (Sat or Sun) the entire chapter will be on the blog under “recent posts” and can thus be read all in one sitting.

If you feel like you have come in the middle of things and are a bit confused…well, you have.  But hopefully, this has been written in a way where each chapter is reasonably complete, like episodes in a television show.  Please read the whole chapter…and if you want to skip going back to the beginning for now, a chapter or two should get you up to snuff on the characters and what they are dealing with… but you have to read the whole chapter, please…

I have enjoyed writing this.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  Whatever you read, Happy Reading

a a happy reading 1


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