Episode 12 Guidance: part 1 of 4

Mindy left the plane with a new goal in life.  She thought going to New Jersey State was the opportunity of a lifetime.  She was thrilled with being asked to assist in the work in the antiquities basement beneath the library.  She could not get enough of the rare books, ancient manuscripts and clay tablets, and her grasp of so many ancient languages was rapidly improving.  But last fall, her view of it all began to change.  She no longer saw it as objective historical and archeological finds—the quaint musings of how ancient people used to view reality, and instead began to see reality through those ancient eyes, and more. She began to see it ongoing in the present day, like an unbroken continuation of the human experience.ab war wo 4

She found one of her bags and grabbed it while she thought of her professors.  They all taught that they were modern and smart scientists which roughly translated into know-it-alls.  Ancient people to them were all ignorant, superstitious people who could only grasp at reality through their myths, legends and imagined tales.  Once Mindy broke out of her know-it-all mindset, she realized that a lot of those myths, legends and tales were in fact eyewitness accounts.  Of course, she could never say that in class.

She found another bag and reached for it as she heard a voice shout to her from the distance.  Mindy turned and saw Connie and a couple of Daughters of the Amazon goons.  She decided having to live for another semester under Connie’s thumb just was not fair.  She thought about Emily.  From all she had been able to piece together over Christmas, Emily gave every indication of being an elect, a warrior woman, a one in a million.  She should be the Amazon queen over her own tribe.  Mindy’s goal was to join Emily’s tribe and quit Connie’s group of feminist men-haters.  ab war wo 1She figured they only kept her around to help them with their homework.

Mindy grabbed her last bag before she smiled and waved.  Then, with her carry on, she juggled the four bags into position and said, “Ugh,” as she lifted them and trudged slowly toward Connie.  Naturally, none of the Daughters of the Amazon would dream of offering to help.

************************ac emily 8

The Elect, Freshman Year, is the story of a young woman, Emily, who is just trying to get through her freshman year at New Jersey State University in Trenton, and pass all her classes.  Not so easy when she learns that she is an elect, a true ac lisa 7warrior woman who needs to respond to the strange events swirling around her.  Someone is trying to build super soldiers, and testing them on the student body.

Detective Lisa, also an elect, has lost count on the dead bodies around the campus, and the ac latasha 1anumber of missing persons…  Latasha, a local high school freshman, and the third elect in town, young as she is, will do all she can to help since dead bodies are now turning up at the high school.

The Elect began posting in November of 2015.  You are welcome to click on the archives button on the right side of the blog, select November, and read to the present, through first semester and Christmas break.  All chapters (or episodes if you imagine it like a television show) are posted in 4 parts: M, T, W, and Th.  Help yourself.  It’s free to enjoy, and Happy Reading…

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