The Elect 9, Zombies at Home: part 1 of 4

Heinrich and Emily met most of the women at the gathering, though a few avoided him. They even had a pleasant conversation with Lisa, to Emily’s surprise. All Lisa said later was she was willing to trust Emily’s instincts. Latasha tagged along behind and police officer Rob Parker stayed right with them. When Emily finally got a plate and fixed herself something to eat, Heinrich said he ought to be going.

“I don’t want to be blamed for giving anyone indigestion,” he said.

“Henry?” Rob made the man heinrich 7

“Heinrich actually. I have been Henry for a hundred years. I think it is time to go back to my given name.”

“Heinrich.” Rob tried the name.

“But tell me,” Heinrich was curious. “As a policeman, doesn’t a room full of women with deadly weapons bother you?”

“Yes, very much,” Rob admitted. “But I have been privy to a number of things Detectives Schromer and Mousad have been involved in and I have learned to trust them.”

“Yes,” Heinrich smiled again. “Faith, hope and love are the most important, but trust ranks right up there as well. I remember Father Martin saying that more than once.”

“But wait.” This time Emily stopped him. “You haven’t said anything about teaching me how to use this sword.”

“Mostly instinctive for you,” he said. “But I talked to your Captain Driver and he suggested Monday morning and Thursday after lunch in place of your freshman class would be acceptable. We can ac emily 1ameet in the gymnasium and he asked if perhaps some of his other students might observe from time to time.”

Emily paused. “I was with you until the observed part.”

“Not interested in putting on a show?”

Emily shook her head. “I get stage fright.”

“Me, too.” Heinrich admitted.

“Me, too.” Latasha agreed.


The Elect, Freshman Year is a serialized novel, much like a television show with weekly chapters being like weekly episodes.  Chapter 9, like all chapters, will post in 4 short posts, Today, T, W, and Th.  This all began in November 2015.  You are welcome to click on the archives button (on the right side of the blog) and begin at the beginning with the 8 part “Pilot” and chapters 1-8 following through December and to the present.  The reading is easy, hopefully enjoyable, and free.

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Emily, a freshman at New Jersey State University in Trenton has learned that she is a one in a million warrior woman, first designed by the ancient goddesses to protect and defend the home and community when the men went off to hunt or to war.  In Trenton, Emily learns there are two other elect in town, Detective Lisa Schromer, and Latasha, a high school freshman.  Together, they form a team needed to take on the strange events happening on the university campus.  Students are turning up murdered, and there is a contest going on to create super soldiers…and those soldiers are being tested on the hapless population…

Happy reading…

a a happy reading 2

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