The Elect 7, Thanksgiving: part 1 of 4

Pierce drove Emily to the airport. She was glad to be going home. She needed a break. But at the same time, she did not want to leave. Pierce did not want her to leave, either. He could not follow her down to her gate, so they just stood there in front of all those people and said stupid stuff.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”a trenton air kissing

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Don’t forget me.”


Mostly they did not speak. They just kissed, and ignored the comments around them. At last, Emily said it.

a trenton air 2“I love you.”

“I love you,” Pierce responded without a breath of hesitation. Then Emily had to run to her plane.


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and you are looking forward to a happy new year.

a a mc and hny

Thus far:

Emily has had a hard time finding a safe space to be merry at school, and might not know any happiness if she was not involved with Pierce. She and Detective Lisa struggled, but they no sooner solved one mystery, the adrenaline murders, and they got confronted with another, the cut-up murders, and the zombies they are apparently producing.

Going home to Columbus for a break sounded like a good idea, but Emily knows things at home are not likely to be restful, either. Back home she has to explain college and freshman year to her family, and ROTC to her mother. She has to catch up with friends who may have gone their own ways, and be around people she would rather put behind her. And, well, life is complicated.

The Elect, chapter 7, like all chapters in this serialized novel, will post over 4 days: Today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you wait until Thursday or the weekend, all 4 posts will be easy to read at one sitting, with clickable links under “recent posts” on the blog. If you are starting late, click on the archives button and select November 2015. That is the month where this story began, and from there you can catch up to the present.

As a special wish for this holiday season, I say, Happy Reading…

a a happy reading 4

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