The Elect 6, Vigilante: part 1 of 4

Ashish turned the car off and Lisa got out slowly, still speaking. “I’m concerned about Latasha. She is not in the best environment. I’m afraid when she gets older and comes into her strength and learns what she is really capable of, she may be tempted in all the wrong directions.”

“We all are,” Ashish said, honestly enough. “But I have seen far worse environments.”

Lisa shook her head. “We need to keep her close for a while.”a trenton police 7

“I think I can understand how you feel, but I was wondering how you women did it in the old days, you know, before cell phones and cars and planes.”

“Young ones sometimes ran into older ones who could teach them. I met Edna Brownbecker when I went to Duke. I was eighteen. She was really old. Maybe the goddesses set it up that way. The stories and information got passed on from old to young, though maybe it is all apocryphal by this late date, like I keep saying. Mostly, though, I think up until the twentieth century, women had a different place in society. They did not play sports or join the army or go to college much. We couldn’t even vote. I think in history, and even today in big sections of the world, the idea of getting into things where warrior women might give themselves away, if you know what I mean, was not really an issue.”

“So are you afraid she might reveal your secret or maybe turn criminal?”

“Both.” Lisa let out her frown. “The world does not need to know about us. That much is rooted in my psyche. I did not need to be taught that. I think it comes with the package, and I think Latasha realized that when she backed out of basketball. But as for the temptations either to go criminal or go vigilante, she needs a solid foundation of family and friend to keep her pointed in the right direction.”

ac ashish 3“So, we can be her friends,” Ashish said with a genuine smile.

“What she really needs is a father figure.”

“Oh,” Ashish lost his smile. “I just remembered. I forgot to stop at the donut shop.” He scurried back to the car.


The Elect, chapter 6, Vigilante begins with some questions.

This far:

Emily and Detective Lisa feel good about having solved what Emily’s roommate called the suck-face murders — with some help from the third elect in town, the high school girl, Latasha, and some unexpected help from Pierce, Emily’s boyfriend … But then there are the cut-up murders, and both Emily and Detective Lisa have fought dead men, animated by some kind of green goop in their systems.

Emily’s friend, Maria, has suggested someone is trying to create super soldiers, and the suck-face murderer confirmed as much.  Someone is still out there, raising the dead, and still working on winning that super soldier contest.

As with all the chapters, The Elect chapter 6 is being posted in 4 posts, today, T, W, and Th.  At the end of the week, or on the weekend, all 4 posts will be available to read together, found on the blog under “recent posts.”  As always, if you are starting the story late, you are welcome to click on the archives button and select November 2015.  That is where the story begins, and it should not be difficult to follow the story from there.

Now, all that needs to be said is Happy Reading.

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