The Elect 5, part 3 of 4: Freshman Battle

Karyn felt her body changing, and screamed from the pain. A fire raged in her mind and in her lower parts. Her muscles expanded, like inflating balloons, but it was all mass and muscle, not air. Every ounce of fat was converted and her insides, her organs, began to shrink to be converted to muscle mass as well. Her clothes shredded. Her breasts disappeared into her massive chest. She soon had a forearm that was bigger than Jessica’s waist. She became a male body builder in size and shape, and grew the hair to go with it. Hair sprouted all over her arms, legs and face. She continued to scream from the pain, even when her voice dropped from a feminine timbre to a deep bass. She began to shrivel up on the inside and could not stop it.

. Carl watched, horrified. Terrence watched the change and laughed even when Karyn screamed the words, “Help me! Help me!” There was nothing Carl could do. Karyn lashed out with a fist. Terrence stopped laughing and sprawled back against the bench. He got back up, slowly. Meanwhile, Karyn found a name in the thick fog of pain that had replaced her mind. “Carl, help me!” But there was nothing he could Karyn end

Karyn’s body was not built for this, for these steroids and this testosterone. It would surely kill her. Her pelvis began to wiggle front to back as if looking for something that did not exist.

Emily ran in. She had to look away, even when Karyn spoke a word of clarity. “Emily, kill me.” Karyn immediately caught on fire, from the inside. She burst into flames and the screaming stopped all at once. They heard a moment of laughter as the body began to shrink again, turned black, and collapsed into a charred ruin.

“Too bad you weren’t here,” Terrence spoke to Emily. “We could have killed two birds with one stone.” Before Emily could pounce, Terrence yelled. “Soldiers, front and ready.” The freshman class came in, but this was not Emily’s freshman class. They were all hulking brutes and when she saw the glazed eyes, she knew they were also mindless. They had all been juiced. Every one of them had a weapon – a club or pipe or whatever blunt thing came to hand. A few had knives, but not many. ac ROTC freshmanEmily recalled that Captain Driver went to Washington and had locked up all the firearms before he left. It did not matter. These mindless brutes would surely kill her, but she was too angry to think about running away.

“Kill her,” Terence finished his thought even as Carl jumped him. Carl would likely lose that fight, but it would be close.

As Emily stood there waiting for the boys to charge, she found people at her back. Lisa, Latasha, Pierce and Tom were all there along with a good half-dozen police officers. Lisa surprised her when she instructed the police officers.

“You have to shoot them like rabid dogs,” she yelled as she pulled and fired her own weapon. A few of the police concurred and several of the hulking, mindless boys went down. But they charged and the two sides met in the middle.

Emily fought like a tigress, like a lioness, like a she-bear defending her cub. She would not let one of the boys near Karyn’s corpse. As the numbers on both sides diminished, Emily took a good look around. Four police officers were down along with Tom and Carl whom she guessed was dead. Carl had a knife in his chest. Terrence was headed for the back door. Rob Parker was on the floor, gasping, but got her attention. He wanted to toss her his gun, but she shook her head and ran. She caught Terrence with his hand on the doorknob and hit him hard enough in the back to crack his shoulder blade. When he spun around to face her, she grabbed his left arm. She bent that back the wrong way at the elbow. She crushed it against a pipe, and Terrence slid to the ground from the terrance end

“Enough!” Lisa’s word came over her shoulder and it was sharp. “That is not how we do things!”

Emily said nothing. She just turned and cried into the woman’s shoulder and the woman offered all the comfort she could muster.

Maria and Amina arrived after it was all over. Amina came to hold Maria. Maria wept bitterly. Jessica came in and spied Tom shaking his head in the attempt to sit up. Tom had been knocked unconscious early on in the fight and Emily feared he might be dead. He almost certainly would have been killed if he had not been knocked out. Two of the police officers looked dead and the others groaned on the floor, including Rob Parker. By contrast, Pierce did not appear to have a scratch on him. He fought hard. Emily noticed at several points in the mêlée. She noticed out of fear for his life, but need not have worried. Emily felt glad for that, but hardly had time to ask how he escaped injury as Maria struggled to find her.

With Maria and Emily both in tears, Lisa had to ask Amina. Latasha came up with one of the police Billy clubs in her hand to wait. She looked very solemn.

“Owen,” Amina spoke. “He wrote the endocrine paper that started the research. Professor Hilde is the one.” With that told, Maria collapsed to the floor and wailed. Emily gladly went to the floor and ac amina 3wailed with her until Lisa forced her back to her feet. The ambulances were arriving and more police cars, including some state troopers. It was going to get messy and with Latasha in tow, they had some more work to do.

“His office,” Amina said one last word to the detective before she turned to comfort Maria. Lisa paused to stare at the girl. Emily had to get her moving again with the word, “Later.”

The women went out the back door, right past Terrence who had passed out from his pain. Pierce followed. They ignored him. Lisa only had to show her badge once to get them out of the closing circle of the law, and then she turned to Emily with a question.

“Where?” Lisa needed confirmation.

Emily had long since learned where all the professors lived, as had the detective of course, but that was not what she was being asked. “His office.” Emily did not doubt what Amina knew. Her own guts confirmed it. “He will probably be waiting for Terrence to report back on how his super soldiers made out.”

Lisa agreed and looked at Latasha. “Makes sense to me,” Latasha said, but when Lisa gave her a hard look Latasha paused before she amended her statement. “It feels right.”

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