The Elect 4, The Hive: part 1 of 4

A van parked in the alley. Several grubby, long dark haired, unshaven young men in torn jeans and shirts unloaded the equipment to take it inside the back door.

“E flat,” one said, and he showed the chord on his air guitar.

“Your E is flat,” the other undead 1

A third stepped from the back of the van with a bass drum in his hand. The name on the drum said, “Undead.” The young man looked at the two dueling air guitarists and said, “Morons” He went inside while a fourth, a blonde, stuck his head into the alley.

“Come on. We need to get the equipment in before the sun breaks into the alley.”

The drummer set the bass on the floor of the back room, started out for another piece of equipment but stopped at a door in the hall. The door had a padlock on it.

“Hey Timmy,” the drummer spoke to the blonde. “Ever wonder what is actually down in the basement?”

“Unfinished. Too full of water. Too close to the Delaware River,” Timmy responded. “I swear, you ask Mr. Perkins every time we play here.”

ac undead 2The drummer shivered. “That Perkins creeps me out. I keep thinking he is hiding some deep, dark secret down there.”

“As long as he pays.”

The drummer nodded and went out to get another drum. The blonde stepped into the room to make sure the six-year-old remained well tied and the gag stayed tight across the mouth.


Don’t miss chapter (episode) 4, to be published today, T, W, and Th of this weekac emily 3

The Elect, Freshman Year is a serialized novel, neatly divided into chapters or episodes like a television show. It is jam packed and fast paced. The emphasis is on mystery, intrigue, and trouble. Quite a number of characters interact. I encourage you to imagine them on film where they would be easier to remember by matching a face with a name. As a reader, all you really need to remember are the three elect, Emily, Detective Lisa, and the local girl, Latasha. Everyone else is either familyac lisa 2, friends, co-workers or antagonist of some sort. Oh, and then there is Heinrich…

The elect are one in a million, maybe one in ten million—women chosen at birth and empowered from ancient days by the goddesses of old, originally, to protect and defend the home and community when the men went away to hunt or to war. Emily Hudson is an elect who has no idea how gifted she is until she arrives at New Jersey ac latasha 3State University, in Trenton, and meets another elect—a police Detective, Lisa. Together they find a third, Latasha, a local high school freshman, and realize that three elect in the same community, maybe even three in the same state, defies all the odds, but maybe there is a reason all three are needed.ab war wo 1

Each of the 22 episodes is being posted weekly (M, T, W and Th) over 22 weeks. If you wait until Thursday in a given week, you will find all posts for that episode on the right side of the blog under “recent posts”. Some might want to wait until Friday, or even the weekend to click and read the whole episode at once. That is fine.

If you find your way to this story somewhere in the middle, feel free to click on the archives button and select November, 2015. The beginning…begins it all in November 2015 and later chapters in later months should not be hard to find. Happy reading. I hope you enjoy reading the work as much as I have enjoyed writing it… MGK

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