The Elect 2, part 3 of 4: From the Bleachers

Jessica dragged the girls to the bleachers that overlooked the football practice field. She had been keeping tabs on Tom since the frat house. The fall had closed in. It was getting chilly, but still plenty warm in the afternoon sun for the girls in their coats.

“I still can’t believe those three geeks could cause all that damage,” Jessica complained while she shaded her eyes for a good look at the field.

“I got the report,” Maria said. “They were pumped full of juice, as Owen calls it.”a bleachers 1

“And beer,” Emily said grumpily. “And it still leaves us little or nothing to go on.”

“Hey!” Jessica shouted her complaint about whatever happened on the football practice field. She turned her head. “Sorry. Coach Rayford is a slave driver.”

Maria ignored the interruption. “Professor Hilde confirmed the beer, not just alcohol. The man is a regular genius.”

Karyn was still bruised, cut and bandaged in several places from the frat house fight. She looked at Emily and added her own complaint to the mix. “It isn’t fair, you know. That cut on your cheek was deeper than anything I got and I can’t even remember what cheek it was on.” Emily was completely healed.

“The way of the queen,” Amina said, without further explanation.

“Sorry,” Emily responded. “Rifle range tomorrow,” she changed the subject before she banged her hands on the bench. “Swenson, Zimmer and Hilde. One of them has to be involved.”

ac maria 9 “Oh, but Professor Hilde is so nice. He must be at the bottom of the list,” Maria said, but Emily shook her head.

“Bio-chemistry puts him at the top of the list.” She thought hard about it, but all of them felt guilty to her, somehow. She felt frustrated by the lack of clear evidence and imagined Lisa was feeling the same way. She threw her hands up. “We are getting nowhere.” She looked at Amina but Amina simply shook her head. She did not know, either.

“I wonder if that medical examiner is telling us everything she knows,” Jessica said, without turning her head from the football players. “Oh, practice is over.” She stood and ambled down to the field. The others followed for no particular reason, but when they got to the bottom of the bleachers they found several players waiting for them, Lieutenant Williams out front.

“Ladies.” He sneered. “May I present Anthony, our free safety and Marcus, our middle linebacker. These gentlemen wanted to meet the bitches from hell.” He snickered and the others football 1

“I hear you beat up three nerds,” Anthony laughed.

Marcus reached out and touched Karyn on the shoulder with his finger. “Ooo, Amazon hotties.”

Amina looked thoughtful. Maria and Karyn did not know what to do besides stand there with their mouths open, but Emily was not buying. “Permission to speak freely, sir.”

“Go ahead.” The men paused in their laughter, though they never lost their grins.

“You’re a flaming asshole, sir.” That made the men laugh again, louder than before. Emily pushed the others ahead of her to get them moving away from there. Since she came last in line, she could not resist shoving Anthony out of the way. It was a hard enough shove to knock him to the ground. He got ac amina 1up mad. While Marcus laughed harder than ever, Terrence had the good sense to stop Anthony before he did something stupid. The team needed its free safety.

“Those men. I see no good. Soon, “Amina whispered to Emily who took one last look back.

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