The Elect 2, The Full School Experience: part 1 of 4

Lisa sat at her desk and frowned.

“Need a coffee?” Ashish asked, with a smile in his voice.

Lisa picked up a piece of paper and changed the subject. “Another missing person. A high school girl this time, and this one got reported before we found the body—not that I am suggesting there should be a body.”

“Things are looking up?” Ashish tried to sound positive, but it came out more like a question.ab donut box

“No. Someone saw the girl get into a van with several nondescript men two days ago. One of the men wore a white lab coat, but I think this is different from the mummified remains kidnappers. I don’t know. It just feels different.”

“Donut?” Ashish held out the box. Lisa flipped through and took one with jelly.


The Elect, Freshman Year, chapter 2 is ready to post this week: today, T, W, and Th. Don’t miss it.

Emily is concerned with finding dead bodies on campus. Detective Lisa is more concerned with missing persons, which may become more dead bodies on campus. Both wonder why the victims are being drained of all liquid. Surely the fight in the frat house suggests the liquid is being used to juice up people… but who is behind it and to what end?

If you are starting late, you are welcome to click on the archives button and select November, 2015. The story begins with the first post in November and it should be easy enough to catch up.

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