The Elect, Freshman Year, the beginning chapter/episode, post 1 of 8

Two men, a bit old for students but a bit young for professors, walked the campus path in the dark. They avoided the lamps set here and there along the way, coming up from the campus center toward the classroom buildings. They stopped by a big, old tree that still had all of its summer leaves. It provided plenty of cover to shroud the ground with darkness.

“That building is the library,” the big one said. “We should find what we are looking for there.” He paused to watch his friend pull a knife and begin to clean beneath his fingernails. “You would think these days these college kids would be smart enough to not walk alone in the dark. But it is the beginning of the school year and there are stupid freshmen everywhere.”a library steps n

The man with the knife stopped long enough to nod and smile.


The Elect, Freshman Year is a serialized novel, to use the classic term, but neatly divided into chapter/episodes like a television show. It is jam packed and fast paced with an emphasis on mystery, intrigue and action ready for film. There are quite a number of characters best imagined on film where they would be easy to remember by matching a face with a name. All you really need to remember, as a reader, are the three elect, Emily (with her college friends), Detective Lisa, and young Latasha. Everyone else is either family (mom, dad, brother), co-worker (detective, police officer, teacher) or antagonist of some sort. Oh, and then there is Heinrich…

The elect are one in a million adult women, maybe one in ten million people. They are women chosen at birth and empowered from ancient days by the goddesses of old, originally, to protect and defend the home when the men went away to hunt or to war. Emily Hudson is an elect who has no idea how gifted she is until she arrives at New Jersey State University, in Trenton, and meets another elect—a police Detective, Lisa. Together they find a third, Latasha, a local high school freshman, and realize that three elect in the same community, maybe even three in the same state, defies all odds. There are not that many elect in the whole world. Then again, maybe three together is by some divine design, because there are things going on in Trenton and around the university that will take every gift they have to give, and then some.

The pilot episode will post (M, T, W, Th) over the first two weeks in November 2015. After that, each of the 22 episodes (chapters) will post weekly (M, T, W and Th) over the following 22 weeks. If you wait until Thursday, you will find all of the posts for the given episode on the right side of the blog under “recent posts”. Some might want to wait until Friday, or even the weekend to read the whole episode at once. That is fine.

If you miss an episode, or find your way to this story somewhere in the middle, feel free to click on the archives button. The pilot episode begins it all at the beginning of November 2015. Happy reading. Lets see how good your visualization skills really are…

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