About Avalon, and Help for the Hard Days and Winter Nights

After posting a whole season of Avalon adventures, it remains to post at least one advertisement for the books.  Please bear with me.  It will all be over in a minute.


Another season of Avalon is ready to be shelved — put up on the book sites, ready for purchase.  Season 3 is 13 episodes (3.0-3.12) long.  It is roughly 87,00 words of adventure and mayhem in the ancient world.  Hopefully, I will get it up before Christmas so those who have enjoyed reading these stories on the blog can share them with family and friends (hint hint).a round tuit

I am also working on getting this material (the prequel, the pilot and all three seasons of Avalon) up on CreateSpace, so those who wish can get a print on demand copy and hold an actual book-looking item in their hands.

All of this will happen when I get around ………

Avalon, the series, is like a television show written in story form. Like any good TV show, one or two episodes is sufficient to meet the characters, understand what is happening and how this all works. That is, if you watch (or rather read) the entire episode. I encourage you to sit back and enjoy.

For the purists, the Prequel, the Pilot Episode, Season One, and Season Two are all available on line. Look for the e-books by M G Kizzia on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Sony, Apple, and other fine retailers. Happy reading.


Look for Avalon, Season 4 to begin posting in the spring.  The travelers will just about reach the half-way point and have good hope that they might actually make it home, if they don’t get caught by the ghouls and other horrors that are following them.  And I promise not to ‘Game of Thrones’ you.  I won’t kill off your favorite character … well, maybe one more.  Wait and see.


Meanwhile, on this blog, from now to the other side of winter, I hope to  post some thoughts on the writing process and maybe a vlog or two (if I get that new laptop).  I hope to keep you up-to-date on the progress of selling a book or two to the publishing powers that be, perhaps a superhero origin story, a tale of the other earth, a piece of science fiction and/or fantasy, a middle grade, young adult or new adult tome.

Of course, there will be stories on this blog.  I can’t help it.  And the first will be a story for Halloween, beginning on the first Monday in October, the 5th, and continuing (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday only) for 11 posts through Tuesday, October 27th — which by chance is also the night of the full moon.  Go figure.moon wolf

The story is about a young man, Jake, whose unthinking words causes his little sister to be kidnapped.  He has to get her back from … whatever might be lurking on Halloween night.  The story is called:

Charmed:  A Disney-like Halloween Story (Without the Singing).

Stay tuned, and don’t miss it.



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