Avalon 3.11: part 5 of 5, Wedding Day

Hathor sat in the front on the aisle next to Teti, Anak, and Mother Nephthys. Mingus sat beside Nephthys and left a seat empty for Decker, the best man, if he should need it. That was on the groom’s side Horus sat on the other side of the aisle next to his friends Lockhart and Katie, with Sakhmet squeezed between them on the bride’s side. Lincoln was beside Katie and had a seat open for the maid of honor, Alexis, if she wanted it. Everyone else, gods and little spirits, sat behind.Teti wedding 3

They waited until sundown for the ceremony so the dark elves and others could join in the festivities. That was not a problem, because it took all day to shape Boston’s fairy weave into a bridal gown she liked. Hathor kept trying to change the color to pink because it matched Boston’s red hair so well. Teti finally explained that white was traditional, and let Hathor read a small bit of her mind concerning the matter. Hathor’s eyes got big and said, “Oh,” more than once. Teti could not swear that Hathor did not see more than Teti intended.

Finally, Boston had her flowers and said she was ready. They only had to tell her she was beautiful for the millionth time.

Elder Stow acted as usher, and when they were ready, he went to sit behind Horus. Lenanni and Mia got to be the flower girls. They joined Elder Stow on the bride’s side where Kotemmi, now cured, watched them. The priestess of Mehit helped, a lovely girl who kept glancing at Sakhmet and for some reason could not stop crying.

Teti makeup 1Ankar was the ring bearer, and he made Koteph walk for one of the few times in his five years of life. They sat behind Teti on the groom’s side where Kidrash and her husband corralled them with their own children.

Decker was good and hardly complained. He only once suggested that Roland was doomed, and otherwise stood at his military best, in his fairy weave imitation full dress marine uniform with his gold leafs proudly on display. Roland, beside him, kept nervously fiddling with the bow tie on his fairy weave tux.

Roland almost lost it when Isis came at sundown. She walked from behind to not cause a scene, and stood facing the congregation at the very front. She looked about thirty-five or so, a mature woman, but she could not help appearing supremely beautiful and supremely powerful. Hathor was a beauty beyond reckoning, but it was easy to see where she got her looks. Teti wondered how they might look side by side, mother and daughter, if they both appeared to be twenty-five or so. Then she figured Aunt Isis put on a few years because of the stress over caring for Osiris.

By contrast, Mother Nephthys made herself appear more like a fifty-year-old. “Mother?” Teti started to speak, but Nephthys hushed her, and then knowing her daughter’s mind, said, “I am just the right age for a grandmother. Hush.”Teti wedding 2

Lincoln pulled out the database and started the wedding march music. Alexis walked in, slowly, while everyone stood. Boston came after, with Lockhart to give her away. Mother Nephthys started to cry, and Teti almost joined her, but then Lockhart kissed Boston on the forehead and put her in Roland’s hands and sat. Roland and Boston knelt before the goddess, and everyone else sat and quieted.

“We are gathered here today … “ Isis began, and did a perfect job, of course. Thoth even praised the little sermon and said it was succinct and not one word too many. When she got to the part that said, “Do you Roland—“ Roland interrupted.

“I do.”

“And do you Mary Riley—”

“I do,” Boston said.


Teti wedding 1That evening, Teti explained to the women, even while they were going back for seconds on cake, that the wine was a gift from Silenus, “For that red headed girl that he liked so much.” Roland and Boston made their way to the hastily erected hut out in the field the travelers had crossed four days earlier. It would be their honeymoon suite, and they were very happy, but first they were interrupted by an apparition.

“The wraith,” Roland said as he went to stand in front of Boston. “From Tetamon’s days.”

“Can’t be,” Boston said, but she tried to see over Roland’s shoulder.

“You are mine, little spirits of life,” the wraith said in her glee filed, but frightening voice. “I waited for your happy day.” The wraith cackled and began to suck out their life and joy like a dementor straight from Azkaban It did not get far before forty pounds of wildcat let out a roar much bigger than its size would Teti Bast 4suggest. A moment later, a streak of white light came racing across the fields.

The wraith looked at the cat and knew it was in trouble. Then it saw what the white light represented and it let out a high pitched wail. The people at the reception looked up at the roar, The wail woke those who left the reception to go to bed.

Suddenly, there were gods and goddesses all over the front of the honeymoon house yard, but the wraith was fleeing for its life across the wastes, headed for the desert where it might find a place to hide.Teti unicorn

“Like Mut,” Boston said. “It was so focused on getting us alone, it had no idea what was actually going on here.” Then she turned to the unicorn, glowing as bright as ever. It tapped its front hooves three time in the dirt, while several young goddesses gushed over the creature. “Goodbye,” Boston said, and felt very sad, while the unicorn reared up and took off back across the field. Boston looked at the gods and goddesses, and especially Ma’at, who caught the bouquet, and confessed that she wished Thoth might notice her some day. Boston did not know, but she saw that Katie had to hold her tongue. “Good-bye,” she said to them all. “Thank you for coming,” and then her mouth got busy kissing Roland, and they went over the threshold and closed the door.

Bast, the wildcat laid down on the doorstep to be sure they were not disturbed in the night.

Teti Bast 3Back at the reception, Decker asked. “So we get to leave in the morning?”

“Dear, no,” Mother Nephthys said. “Give them a few days at least.”

“How about a week?” Alexis asked.

“How about a few days,” Mingus said then he shook a finger at his daughter. “You could learn from your brother. You might have married one of your own kind.”

Alexis looked at Lincoln and he shook his head. “I would not make a good elf,” he admitted, and was a bit put off with the speed with which everyone agreed with him, especially Mingus.


Be sure and return next Monday for the final episode in Avalon, season three: episode 3.12 The Moon Goes Down.

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