Can you Imagine?

This is a test.Demon_Roller_Coaster

This is only a test.

If this had been a real emergency, you would have heard a loud screeching sound worse than Saint Teresa’s girl scout troop on the Demon roller coaster.  No way the brain can function under such circumstances.

Assuming the test is successful, allow me to introduce Avalon, season 3.

First, the how to:

Written as episodes (like a television show), it is easy to start in the middle (like season 3) and pick right up with what is happening, who the characters are, and how it all works.  However, I encourage you to read the whole episode.  I take no responsibility for anyone who only reads part 3 of 7  of episode 3.1 and come away confused.

For those who insist on starting at the beginning, Avalon the Prequel, the Pilot Episode and Season 1 are available as ebooks on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Sony, Apple and other retailers.  Season 2 is being prepared for ebookdom, and all are moderately priced.  Just look for books by M G Kizzia at your favorite retailer.

Episode 3.0 (the first of season three) will be posted in 4 parts, M, T, W, Th, March 30, 31, April 1 & 2.  Yes, that is all in the same week, and if you miss a post, it will still be up here so you can catch up.

Then the enticing blurb:

Brought to the beginning of history on a rescue mission, in order to get home, two elves, two marines, one Gott-Druk (a Neanderthal from the far future) and four Men in Black must follow the amulet of Avalon and move from one time gate to the next. They must travel through time zones that center around the many lives of the Kairos, the Traveler in Time, the Watcher over History, a person who never lives a quiet life. With unlimited vitamins, elf crackers, and bullets, riding mustangs brought back from the old west, wearing fairy weave clothing they can shape and change with a thought in order to blend in, they have to deal with gods and monsters, spirits and creatures, space aliens and the great unknown, and try hard not to disturb history in the process, not an easy task when they have to fight for their lives. All they want is to get home, to the twenty-first century in one piece, but they are not the only ones lost in time, and some of the terrors are now hunting them.


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