Avalon 2.10: Born To Be Wild


After 3383 BC in Caana/Southern Lebanon  Kairos life 30: Eliyawe


            The travelers exited the time gate by the sea of Galilee and headed north, which was unexpected.  Lincoln had read from the database that Eliyawe lived her whole life not too far east of Salem, about where Bethlehem would be one day.  He suggested they might come out near the Dead Sea, or travel too it from the north, but that was not the case.  They were headed toward Lebanon instead, and Lincoln was searching the database to find out why.

            This was hot, dry country, full of sand even as far in the past as they were.  But it was also grasslands, suitable for simple agriculture and animal husbandry, and still sparsely populated enough so families could do very well.  They saw smoke rise from a village up ahead, but first they came to a small stream that ran into the lake.

            Boston got down and walked to the water.  She was thirsty because she was still healing.  The others and the horses waited, all having had their fill on tributaries of the Danube in the last time zone.  They took the time to look around while Elder Stow got out his scanner to get a reading on the water.  It was their habit to check the streams and ponds before drinking, just to be safe, and though they all had the necessary equipment in their bags to do so, they found it easier, and more accurate to let the Gott-Druk do it for them.

            The reading took a moment and Boston sipped a little from her hand until Elder Stow shouted, “Hold!”

            “What?”  Boston froze and looked at the Elder while other heads also turned.

            “There is something in the water.  A very complex molecule.  Give me a moment.”  Boston dropped the water from her hand and backed up.  “Ah!”  Elder Stow smiled.  “Lysergic acid diethylamide.  Not what anyone would expect.”

            “LSD?”  Lincoln spouted even as Boston started to throw-up.  Roland was right there to hold her.  Katie commented.

            “Looks like those Gaian healing chits are still doing their job, ejecting the poison.”

            Lockhart got down from his horse to hold on to Roland’s and Boston’s horses.  “Yes, but that has to be painful.”  Boston was holding her stomach where she had been wounded.  “Keep the horses back,” he added.

            “But I thought air and light were enemies of LSD,” Lincoln spoke up.  “And in the water it has to be terribly diluted.”

            “A derivative,” Elder Stow suggested, “with added properties the scanner is still analyzing.  It can occur naturally in some forms of mold that attack certain grains like rye and barley.”

            “Common grains to this part of the world,” Katie said.

            “Look.”  Captain Decker had his binoculars out and interrupted everyone as he pointed.

            Katie Harper got her binoculars and took a look before she handed them to Lockhart.  There were rabbits, a whole warren on a rise beside the stream, but they were fighting each other, and drawing blood.  Several looked dead.”

            “Madness,” Elder Stow breathed.

            “And more madness up ahead, I’ll bet,” Lincoln handed the binoculars back to Decker.

            “We are ready.” Roland helped a shaky Boston get up on Honey’s back, and they rode on, eyes open.

            They found cattle outside the village chasing their tails.  “I’ve seen this in Africa,” Lincoln reported.  “There is a kind of fly that crawls inside a cow’s ear to lay its eggs.  The larva eat the cow’s brains.  They will collapse from exhaustion after a while.”

            “But no such flies here,” Katie said.  “I hope,” and suddenly her ear itched.

            They saw no people at all when they first entered the village.  They paused at the center only when they heard yelling.  Two naked men came from behind a building and ran across the village center without so much as noticing the strangers.  They were followed by a half-dozen almost equally naked women with hoes and pitchforks.  Only one of the women stopped, turned and stared at them like she was trying to bring the picture into focus.  When she did, she screamed which got the attention of the others.

            “Monsters!”  The woman screamed the word and pointed at the travelers up on their horses.  The other women all dropped their farm-implements and scattered.  The men ran off across the open field.

            No one said anything.  What could they say?  Boston said she was feeling better and as far as she knew she was not hallucinating.  Lockhart mentioned the Gaian chits again, but otherwise they simply moved on.

            Outside the village, where it edged up to the sea of Galilee, there was a fisherman who waved to them and kept a big smile on his face. “Friend,” he said.  “Friend.”  It was Elder Stow who realized the man was speaking in English.


Avalon 2.10:  Friend … Next Time


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