Avalon: The Series Q & A

Who is the Kairos?

            The Kairos, the Traveler in Time, the Watcher over History, the god of the littlest spirits of the earth, was designed to inhabit two bodies with one consciousness – one male and one female.  This proved too difficult for a single consciousness at the beginning, so it was determined the Kairos would take turns as a man or a woman.  First born in 4500 BC, Glen in our time is life number 121 in an unbroken string of lifetimes. 

            The Kairos is sometimes called the Traveler (in time) because early on it was discovered that he or she could reach through time from one life to another and actually, physically trade places, at least temporarily with another lifetime. 

            The Kairos is sometimes called the Watcher (over History) because he or she also has the ability to “remember” the future, and knowing the way history turns out has driven the Watcher to insure it is not changed.  That has not always been easy.    


The Time Gates

            The time gates of Avalon center around the lives of the Kairos.  The travelers of Avalon must enter each time zone through a gate, travel to the center to find the Kairos and then move on to the next gate.  But since the gates are centered on the Kairos and they move as the Kairos moves, the Kairos cannot help them in any struggles outside of the center of the time zone.  They are on their own as they travel from time zone to time zone in order to get back to the twenty-first century, hopefully alive.


The Series

            Avalon, the series, is a story about ordinary people thrown back to the beginning of history whose only way home is through time gates and across the time zones which are mysteriously tied to life after life of the Kairos.  Unfortunately, the Kairos cannot simply send them home, nor prepare them for what they might face when they step into the future, nor really protect them from what may be following them.  Apparently, they are not the only ones traveling through the time gates.

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