Avalon, Series II


            Where you go in life can depend on who you know.  Benjamin Lincoln and his friends went all the way back to 4500 BC and the beginning of history to save his wife.  She had been kidnapped by her father, an elder elf who hated the fact that she became human to marry a human.  He worried to see her age and feared he was going to lose her before her time.  He dragged her through the time gates to the very beginning of the human record in order to hide her from the ravages of time. 

            Unfortunately, the price of saving her was watching the one who made the rescue possible – the Kairos – jump into the primeval chaos before history began.  (If you read the story on this blog titled “Forever,” you have some inkling of who Glen, the present lifetime of the Kairos is… )

            Now, for the people trapped in the past, the Kairos can’t easily whisk home as planned.  They have to get back to the twenty-first century the hard way, time gate by time gate.  They must move through history from one lifetime of the Kairos to the next but that will not be easy, because the lives of the Kairos tend to be surrounded by trouble and danger, and because there is nowhere to hide – others have picked up their scent.  It seems they are not the only ones using the time gates. 

            Avalon, the series Season 2 will begin “airing” on Monday, October 22nd on this blog.  Written in story form, part 2 of the pilot episode will be repeated beginning Monday, September 17th and post as a Monday/Friday story.  Share this, call a friend, don’t miss out.

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