Writerly Stuff: No Excuses

I am something of an anti-poet.  In fact, I would rate my poetic skill around negative three.  Add to that the fact that so many say rhyming poetry is not to be taken seriously and worthy of Doctor Seuss at best, and there you go.  If I am going to write something against making excuses about getting the words on paper and getting it out there to be read by others, it is only fair I do so with a rhyming poem…

No Excuses

I’ve got the kids, the dog and the cat
The TV and radio, noises like that
But I tune it all out when I sit in my chair
In order to write like there’s nobody there.

Daytimes are madness: storms on the sea
Ships in foul weather, crew mutiny.
Trains in collision, pileups with cars
Black holes of reason, exploding stars

Children, animals, customer kings
Workers, bosses, multi-task things
Paper and phones, gossip and news
Headaches, backaches and shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes.

Leaving at sunrise.  Home after dark
To blazing crescendo as soon as I park
It’s homework and talk, make sure everyone’s fed
Walk the dog, pet the cat, and put all to bed

Then at last there’s a moment when quiet descends
Like snow on Christmas Eve.

And I thank God because of that one special chair
Where I sit and I write like there’s nobody there.

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