Avalon Confidential: Some thoughts behind the series

            The character of the Kairos is one person who has moved through history, birth after birth, and has struggled mightily against the forces that would rewrite history and destroy the human race in the process.  There are many stories here, some of which are already written and I hope will be available in the next several years.

            The heart of time is a glowing crystal, an instrument created at the beginning of history by the Kairos and the ancient God Chronos.  Its purpose is to track the progress of the human race through time, but it has a property that allows access to the many past lives of the Kairos.  These time gates permit a person to travel through time from one lifetime of the Kairos to the next.  Because of this, the Heart of Time is off limits to everyone.  The risk of changing history is too great.

            But when Lincoln’s wife – an elf turned human – is kidnapped by her father and dragged into the past, others are forced to follow and save her.  The current Kairos takes them through the crystal Heart to the beginning of time where the elder elf has dragged his daughter into the primordial chaos before history began.  The only way to retrieve them is for the Kairos to follow into the chaos and, in effect, exchange his life for theirs.

            Lincoln’s father-in-law and wife are returned to the beginning of history, but now with the Kairos gone there is no quick and easy way home.  They have to travel through time the slow way, through the time gates, from one lifetime of the Kairos to the next, and only hope to be able to get home in one piece.  That won’t be easy.  For one, the lives of the Kairos tend to be filled with struggle and danger.  For two, they learn they are not the only ones using the time gates.  Others have discovered the way through time, and they are not the kind of people or creatures you would want to meet on a dark night.

            Avalon, season one is complete.  Avalon season two will begin sometime this summer.  First, there needs to be some telling of what exactly happened to the Kairos when he sacrificed himself.  The primordial chaos is more complex than it appears.  The Kairos who is still linked to all of those other lifetimes in history might yet be able to navigate the wilderness and find the way home.


            I hope to play a bit with this confidential idea, and then plan to rerun the pilot episode up to the disappearance of the Kairos as a lead into the story I am calling, “Forever.”

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