Unofficial NaNo. Did You NaNew? Or NaNOoooo!

As you should know if you have read these posts, I finished my NaNo book (near 80,000 words) on October 25th after 39 days because I couldn’t wait.  Shame on me, but then I faced National Novel Writing Month with nothing to do. 

Aha! I thought.  (well, maybe my brain did not actually go, Aha!, but)… Let me see what I can get done on my ongoing stories. 

Anatomy of a Storyteller is being presented on my Word & Sprit blog in digestible bits every Monday.  In the first two weeks of Nano month I wrote three new chapters totaling 12,830 words (roughly 10-12 posts).  The story is getting good, but I reached a breathing point (not exactly a stopping point) and concentrated on the other story.

Avalon, the series (season 1) is being presented on my Storyteller blog, again in easily digestible bits as a Monday / Friday story.  We are currently up to episode 8 (13 per season), but you can always go back in the archives and read from the pilot on if you wish… though I feel that is not necessary to get into the stories… but anyway, season two started to really kick and the four episodes I wrote in the first three weeks totaled 26,621 words.

So at the start of the last week I was at 39, 451 words counting Anatomy and Avalon together.  I thought I was on the good track to break 50,000 by the end of the month until someone said I could only count one or the other.  NaNo is supposed to be only one storyline.


Well, Avalon 2.4, the story around Zoe at the start of the Amazon nation and 2.5, the story around Huyana (and her seven dwarf followers to which she warned the travelers not to make any wisecracks) were already in the works.  When finished, they added another 15,297 words to the Avalon total.  You see, counting the work done on my Anatomy story made the total word output for November 54,748, but if I was only allowed to count the Avalon work I stood at 41,918 words as of Saturday night. 

Lucky for me, Avalon 2.6 was hot on my fingertips on Saturday eve.  I preached Sunday, drove my son back to college (3+ hours each way) also on Sunday, and worked the old job Monday, yesterday and today… but I still managed to finish 2.6 this bleary-eyed, yawning morning.  It is a great story about a war in northern France in 3617 BC with gods fighting gods, spirits fighting spirits (you know, the elves versus orcs type), men fighting men, and for good measure, two groups of space aliens who take sides as well.  The travelers have a hard time running that gauntlet and getting out with their skins intact, let me tell you. 

The result of all this is I did get 2.6 finished (so I am willing to count it) and it came out 12,621 words which, as you might expect, is a long episode and twice the length of some other episodes.  When I then combine that word count with my Avalon total, the grand total for the book is 54,539 words.  WooHoo!  (seven episodes written, six to go).

Then, if I don’t want to be a fanatic and I am willing to count my anatomy work as well, that makes for 67,369 words of fiction written in the thirty days of November.  (Huzzah!)

That is my report, and my final report on this NaNo madness.  December for me will be rewrites and sales (and possibly January as well).  Sadly, reality kicks in every now and then and we all need to work in order to be able to… work, if you know what I mean. 

So now, don’t be shy.  How did you do?  Did you NaNew?  Or did you NaNOoooo… 

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