Unofficial NaNo Wednesday: Three Weeks Plus, Facing Crunch Time

How many of you have given up?  How many of you are on or near target?  Does it matter?

My trip is unofficial as you should know.  I finished my designated NaNo book on October 25 (I couldn’t wait).  Instead of the madness and angst of National Novel Writing Month, I have been able to quietly work on the Avalon series (season one of which is now appearing on this blog every Monday and Friday).  I have also been able to work on my book, “Anatomy of a Storyteller” which is currently appearing on my Word & Spirit blog (Mondays only).

So far this November, I have produced three parts (chapters/sections) for “Anatomy” totaling 12,830 words.  Avalon, Season 2 has had two episodes written totaling 11,670 words.  That was 24,500 words at the midpoint last week, not quite what I hoped for, but acceptable.  Then I hit a snag.  Not a bad snag.

Anatomy of a Storyteller reached another personal point in the story which needed to rumble around in the back side of my mind for a time before being committed to paper.  I had to let it breathe for a bit, like a good wine. That sometimes happens.  Everything needs to breathe at times.  Fortunately, Avalon was becoming seriously engrossing.

This last week I set two episodes of Avalon series 2 to paper.  Avalon 2.2, the story around Cophu, prisoner in Jericho was 7,778 words and Avalon 2.3, the story around Kim and Ameratsu and their escape to Japan was 7,123 words.  That makes the total for the third week, 14,951 words and the grand total to date 39, 451.  And that leaves just 10,549 words to produce by November 30th, a highly achievable number.

Now, you see, here is the thing you have to understand about me.  I write a lot.  Despite a full time job, occasional times to preach and teach and to minister in ways that allow me to practice  what I preach, despite family (including 4 children ages 15 to 25), meetings, counseling sessions, Holidays and massive amounts of driving, I average roughly 10,000 words of fiction per week.

I write a lot.  That 10,000 words does not include sermons, speeches, teaching lessons, lectionary reflections, reflections on Christian living, studies in discipleship, reflections on life, wise words for writers, writerly stuff, or any other writing that might eat up my week.  That 10,000 words is just my average fiction output in a week.  Given that, for me 50,000 words in four weeks only requires a little push.

(Yes, my normal output adds up to around 500,000 word of fiction per year, or about 5+ books worth.  That is just the way it goes, and I don’t know if even at that rate I will live long enough to tell all the stories I have ready to write…  Not bragging, mind you.  Telling stories is just who I am and what I do.  I can’t help it, and while not bragging, I feel no reason to hide it either).

So, last week, with that little push, I turned out 14, 951 words.  Cophu needs to find a way to help the travelers escape from the wall Tiamut has set around them to trap them in Jericho.  Then the travelers find themselves in a world without a sun where the sun goddess is afraid to fly for fear her brother, Susanu will catch her and chain her to the sky. 

Now, I am working on Avalon 2.4, the story of Zoe, the Amazon, and about ready to start 2.5 and Huyana’s North American tale of dementia.  Ah, life is good and this Avalon storyline is a great deal of fun to both write and read.  You should read some.  It is all right here Monday and Friday for free.  Episode 8 of season 1 is now being printed (Avalon 1.7), but the earlier episodes are all in the archives, including the pilot.  You are welcome to poke around the archives at your leisure.  Thanks for your support, and I hope you all achieve your goals.

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