Unofficial NaNo. The Half-Way Point.

Yes, certainly some of this is repeat because I do want you to consider reading one story or the other or both.  Currently I am posting season one of the Avalon series, Monday and Friday on this Storyteller blog for free.  I am looking for an artist/illustrator if you know one.  Then again, who knows, maybe someone will consider it for a television show some day and I’ll end up make buckets of money.  You can say you read it here first.

Avalon is the story of people, three “men in black,” two marines, an elf and a half-elf who are sent into the deep past to save one man’s wife.  They succeed in the pilot episode, but lose their quick way home and thus they are forced to get home the long way – by way of the time gates and across the time zones that surround the many lives of the Kairos, the Watcher over History, the Traveler in Time.  That won’t be an easy journey.

You see, the Kairos never lives a quiet life, so there is no telling as they travel from time zone to time zone what they may have to confront.  And some of those confrontations may sneak up on them.  You see, they are not the only ones stuck in the past where they don’t belong.  Others have picked up their trail, some to follow them back into the future, but some are hunting them.

Currently posting:

Episode 7 (1.6) just concluded.  Episode 8 (1.7) will begin Friday.  The travelers become aware of the amulet of peace and prosperity which has been stolen from the Kairos.  They might be able to get it back for him if they can figure out what to do about the werewolf.

Work in Progress:

The second episode of season two finds the travelers in Egypt, the Nile Delta. Phoenix, the Kairos, a powerful fire starter thanks to the Aton-Ra is now happily married with children.  But Set, god of infertility bears a grudge against her and has sent a pack of night creatures to attack her in her happy home.  Needless to say, the guns of the travelers make a difference at first, but then Set intervenes more directly and that sparks some of the other gods in that jurisdiction to escalate the conflict.

That is 5051 words.

At the same time, I am continuing the story of the Storyteller – the one who was supposed to be their quick way home.  He sacrificed himself by leaping into the void to save that man’s wife, only now he is trapped in the Second Heavens and is terribly confused. 

I am currently presenting the Anatomy of a Storyteller for free on my Word & Spirit blog on Mondays only.  Plans are to present it on this Storyteller blog at a future date since it connects to the Avalon events in a real way, but for now it is over there.  Why?  Because for all of its fiction, it is a parallel to my life and memoir-like.  You would not know it by reading it, but…

So Anatomy, “The House of the Lord” is 6209 words, and that makes my total for the second week plus: 11, 260 words.  Added to my first week plus total of 13, 240 and we are at 24,500.  I was hoping for closer to 26,000, but this will do.

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