Unofficial Nano: Two for One.

I wrote my NaNo novel in September/October (I couldn’t wait).  I finished it on October 23rd, 79.000 words in 37 days, but then what was I going to do in November?  Well, I thought since Katie (Harper) and Boston (Mary Riley, but everyone calls her Boston) make guest appearances in the The Chosen: The Young & The Strong, I thought I better get them back to where they belong:  Avalon.

Season one of the Avalon series is currently being presented here for free as a regular Monday/Friday post.  We are up to episode 7 (1.6 =7, trust me).  It is by no means too late to pick it up.

Avalon is the story of a group of people, three “men in black” including Boston, two marines including Katie, an elf and a half-elf who are sent into the deep past to save one man’s wife.  They succeed in the pilot, but lose their quick ticket home.  They are forced to get home the long way, by way of the time gates and across the time zones that surround the many lives of the Kairos, the Watcher over History, the Traveler in Time.  But that won’t be easy.

The first problem is the Kairos never lives a quiet life.  There is no telling from lifetime to lifetime what they may have to confront.  The second problem is they are not the only ones stuck in the past where they don’t belong.  Others have picked up their trail.  Some are content to follow them through the time gates, but some are hunting them.

Now working:

The first episode of season two finds the travelers in the Andes in the midst of a war.  The alien Agdaline and their fleet of 10 ships landed there, unable to elude pursuit by the Balok.  The Balok are reptilian, serpent-like creatures who believe they should be the only intelligent life in the universe.  They are attempting to wipe out every other intelligent species to make their vision into reality, and the poor Neolithic human race is caught in between.

That is 6619 words.

At the same time, I am continuing the story of the Storyteller – the one who was supposed to be their quick ticket home.  I am currently presenting it, again for free, on my Word & Spirit blog on Mondays only.  Plans are to present it on this blog at a future date since it connects to the Avalon events in a real way, but for now it is over there.  Why?  Because for all of its fiction, it is a parallel to my life and memoir-like.  You would not know it by reading it, but…

So, the Village II is 2766 words and Psalm 23 is 3855 words.  That is another 6621 words and that makes my total for the first week plus: 13, 240 words. 

Yes, both season two and Anatomy of a Storyteller will be book length, so in my mind they both count, even if the whole exercise is unofficial. 

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