Avalon, the series promo III

Avalon, the series will begin “airing” in May on this blog.  Written in story form, the pilot episode will start on 5/2 and post as a Monday/Friday regular right through season 1.  Share this, call a friend, don’t miss out.

Avalon is the story of people trapped in the past and trying to get home.  They move from time zone to time zone, from one lifetime of the Kairos to the next, only hoping to have the courage to face whatever trouble they confront and only worried about what may be catching up to them.  From the beginning of history to the present, they have no one but each other to depend on – that is, for as long as they are able to trust and depend on each other. 

From the Pilot Episode:

            It was Doctor Procter who explained.

            “I spent the last three hundred years studying the lives of the Kairos.  Now that we have the opportunity to walk through those lifetimes, one by one, and in order I might add, I am not going to miss that opportunity.  Isn’t that right, Mingus?”

            Mingus shook his head and sighed, and in that moment everyone got a good look at the difference between Mingus, a full blood elf and the Doctor who was half-human.  The contrast was not startling but obvious.  No plain human could have eyes as big, features as sharp or fingers as thin and long.  “If you say,” Mingus muttered as he took the amulet and shook it once himself.

            “What says the Navy?”  Lockhart turned to look at the two who were armed and bringing up the rear.

            “I’m to follow orders,” Captain Decker frowned. 

            Lieutenant Harper smiled.  “I would not mind exploring a little while we have the chance.”

            “Besides,” Roland spoke up while Lockhart faced front again and encouraged everyone to resume walking.  “I have a feeling the Kairos would not mind if we rooted out some of the unsavory characters that wandered into the time zones without permission.” 

            “Oh, that would be very dangerous.”  Alexis said it before Lincoln could, and she grinned for her husband. 

            “All the same—“  Roland did not finish his sentence.  He fell back to walk beside Lockhart to underline his sentiments to the man. 

            “Hey.”  Boston came up.  She had been straggling near the back. 

            “Boston, dear.”  Lockhart backed away from the elf and slipped his arm around the young woman.  “So what do you think?  Do we run as fast as we can or explore a bit and maybe confront some unsavories along the way?” 

            “Explore and help the Kairos clean out the time zones.  I thought that was obvious.”

            “Well for the record,” Mingus said as he turned and walked backwards.  “Though it may kill me to say it, I agree with that Lincoln fellow.” 

            “I haven’t offered an opinion,” Lincoln said. 

            “No, but I can read the mind of a frightened rabbit well enough.”  

            “Father!”  Alexis jumped and there was some scolding in her voice.  “I vote we explore and help.”  She looked at Lockhart, and so did everyone else except the Doctor who was still playing with his amulet. 

            Lockhart nodded.  “Okay,” he said.  “But the number one priority is to get everyone home alive and in one piece, so when it is time to move on, we all move, no arguments.” 

            “You got that right,” Captain Decker mumbled. 

            Everyone seemed fine with that except Mingus who screwed up his face and asked, “And who decides when it is time to move on?” 

            “I do.”  Lockhart spoke without flinching.  The two stared at each other until Doctor Procter interrupted.

            “Anyway,” he said as if in the middle of a sentence.  “I would not worry about hunting unsavories.  I don’t imagine it will take long before they start hunting us.”


Robert Lockhart, a former policeman is charged with leading this expedition through time and has no idea how he is going to get everyone home — alive.

Boston, a Massachusetts redneck, rodeo rider and technological genius who finished her PhD at age 23.  She is in love with all of the adventure,  and the spiritual creatures they encounter, all of which suggests she is a little strange.

Benjamin Lincoln, a former C. I. A. office geek keeps the database and a record of their journey.  He tends to worry and is not the bravest soul, but sometimes that is an asset. 

Alexis Lincoln, an elf who became human to marry Benjamin.  She retained her magic when she became human, but sometimes magic has its limits.  For example, it can’t make her father happy with her choices.

Mingus, father of Alexis, an elder elf who ran the history department in Avalon for over 300 years.  He knows the time zones and the lives of the Kairos but tends to keep his opinions to himself.  And he believes his children are being ruined by so much human interaction.

Roland, Alexis’ younger brother, a full blood elf and gifted hunter came to keep Mingus under control and out of his sister’s face.  He discovers there is something in humanity worth saving and protecting.  He knows many of the creatures in the spirit world, including the nasty ones inclined to rise up out of the dark.

Doctor Procter, half-elf, half-human.  He is Mingus’ associate in the history department and carries the amulet, a sophisticated electronic GPS and magical device that leads the way from one time gate to the next.

Lieutenant Katie Harper, a marine whose specialty is ancient and medieval cultures and technologies.  She is torn between her duty to the marines and her desire to be part of this larger universe she is discovering.

Captain Decker, navy seal and special operations officer who will do all he can to keep everyone alive, even if it means shooting his way back to the twenty-first century.  He is a skeptic who does not believe the half of what they experience – even if he does not know what else to believe.

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